Superbowl XLIX Projection, Wildcard Sunday

Seattle over New England

With Seattle's matchup set to be against Carolina, their chances of being in the Superbowl are now nearly 50%. Baltimore is the only wildcard team left.

Now for my rooting interests next weekend.

Baltimore at New England: I can't ever root for the Patriots, I don't think. Maybe a situation will come up eventually. Baltimore it is.

Carolina at Seattle: If you're not a Seahawks fan, you have to admit it'd be kind of fun to see the NFL implode if Carolina gets much further. Carolina's my team.

Dallas at Green Bay: As a kid, especially before St. Louis had the Rams, this game would have been a must-watch; Favre vs Aikman. I think I'll root for Dallas in this one, though I like both teams.

Indianapolis at Denver: This one's a bit of a tossup too, so I'll take Denver in the event that New England beats Baltimore. Hopefully a cold weather team would have a better shot there in the AFC Championship than a dome team. We'd be subject to "Manning-Brady XVI" marketing, though. If Baltimore wins, I'll still root Denver.


First to 10% chance of Superbowl Win: Cincinnati (Week 3, Sunday)
First to 20% chance of Superbowl Win: New England (Week 16, Saturday)
First to 25% chance of Superbowl Win: Seattle (Week 17, Final)

First to 80% chance of Playoffs: Cincinnati (Week 3, Sunday)
First to 90% chance of Playoffs: Indianapolis (Week 7, Sunday)
First to 99% chance of Playoffs: Arizona (Week 11, Sunday)
First to 99.9% chance of Playoffs: Denver (Week 14, Sunday)
First to clinch Playoffs (sort of): Arizona (Week 15, Thursday)
First to clinch Playoffs (for real this time): Arizona, New England, Indianapolis, Denver (Week 15, Sunday)
First to clinch a first round bye: New England (Week 16, Sunday)
First to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs: New England (Week 16, Final)

First team eliminated: Oakland (Week 11, Sunday)

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