eBay Wins #150

Today in eBay penny cards, I have 3 1992 Fleer cards. 2 out of the 3 once played for the Cardinals, including Eric Davis, the longtime Cincinnati Red. I didn't really realize at the time what it must have felt like for Cincinnati fans to see their guy go to an archrival, but every time I see a former Cardinal go to the Cubs, I think I understand the feeling just a little bit more.

1992 Fleer
#68 Bobby Rose
#403 Eric Davis
#576 Jose DeLeon
Like I've mentioned many times before, 1992 is when I really started paying attention to baseball, and consequently the players on the Cardinals at the beginning of that season are the ones I'll always vividly remember. Jose DeLeon is one of those, even though he was released that August and signed by Philadelphia that September. That might even be the transaction that caused me to make my dad explain what being released was, and try to get through to me why some guys just couldn't be traded for anything.

I didn't have any specific recollection of Bobby Rose, so I looked him up to see if there was anything interesting about him. He went to San Dimas High School in San Dimas, CA, which I'm pretty sure is the one Bill and Ted attended during their Excellent Adventure, and possibly also their Bogus Journey. His last MLB game was May 19, 1992, 10 days after I first started watching baseball, and then he played in Japan for a few years.

eBay Bargain Tracker
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Total Spent$50.91
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