eBay Wins #147

With the football seasons winding down, I'll be back to posting a lot more baseball cards. Today I'll continue my epic eBay penny card journey with 1991 Topps.

1991 Topps
#81 Cito Gaston
#178 Dave Valle
#232 Jose DeJesus
#308 Tom Pagnozzi
#326 Ken Patterson
#496 Marty Barrett
#620 Ozzie Guillen
#728 Scott Sanderson
#776 Brent Mayne
Bear with me here for a moment. These are the newest cards I considered "old" as a kid. I started collecting in 1992, and until I really got into it, and figured out to check the stats on the back to figure out the year of the card, everything that wasn't 1992 was just from "the before times". I'd see random cards my friends had, or cards on display at a card shop, and it didn't really matter if they were from 1981 or 1991, I just knew they were all "old". Once I figured out these were 1991, my simplistic but math oriented kid mind was blown that these could have been found in packs on the shelves of our grocery store, if I had started collecting just a few months earlier.

Before this bunch, I had just 27 unique cards from 1991 Topps. Now I have a still-paltry 36, a little over 4.5% of the set.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3232
Total Spent$50.82
Per Card1.572 cents
Change-0.002 cents

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