eBay Wins #225

I'm not a huge basketball collector, partially because I've never really had a home team, but I have a few cards here and there. As a baseball collector, I especially like the cards that mimic the baseball sets from the same year and manufacturer. I can tell just by looking that this card has the same design as 1995 Topps. I wasn't sure if that made it a 94-95 or 95-96 though.

1994-95 Topps #56 Glen Rice
Most of my NBA-watching centered around Michael Jordan, so in my mind this is framed as Jordan's first comeback season, and I don't really have the near-encyclopedic knowledge of every other team like I sometimes seem to in baseball. For example, I knew Glen Rice played for the Hornets, but I didn't know he had several years with the Miami Heat first.

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Total Cards Bought4036
Total Spent$56.10
Per Card1.39 cents
Change0 cents


2016 Museum Collection Contest

Sport Card Collectors is holding a contest for a really nice dual-relic-and-autograph numbered to 25 from 2016 Museum Collection. Just go comment with your favorite Topps product for a chance to win.

2016 Topps Museum Collection - Signature Swatches
#SSD-ZW Zach Wheeler #01/25

Museum Collection is one of those sets for which I never even make any effort to find the Cardinals, because the cards are so expensive, at $9/card when purchasing a full box. The set looks awesome, and if money were no object I'd buy box after box of it. I should really look into getting the Cardinals base cards secondhand though. Since there are a few relics and autographs like this one in each box, the base cards can certainly be had for a much lower price. A quick check of COMC shows I could get all 6 Cardinals from 2015 for under $7 right now. But back to the topic at hand, get one of the crazy relic/auto cards from the set by entering the contest here.


eBay Wins #224

Today I've got the end of my 1988 Donruss half-penny pile, which is 72 more cards. 

1988 Donruss
#454 Terry Pendleton
#455 Dave Meads
#460 Jay Aldrich
#464 Tim Crews
#467 Steve Ontiveros (x2)
#472 Dave Stewart
#475 Dave Anderson
#484 Mike Bielecki
#488 Jim Sundberg
I remember as a new baseball fan, my dad telling me Terry Pendleton used to be on the Cardinals. This would have been around 1992, and I could barely believe it. I knew he played for the Braves, and in my mind it just seemed like players were always on the same team. Of course I'd quickly encounter more and more players that joined or left the Cardinals.

1988 Donruss
#499 Tracy Woodson
#501 Ken Schrom
#502 Angel Salazar
#503 Eric Plunk
#506 Geno Petralli
#508 Robbie Wine (x2)
#511 Mark Grant
#513 Jeff Blauser
#514 Bob Walk
Tracy Woodson finished his career in St. Louis in 1992 and 1993, after being out of the majors from 1990-1991. According to my tags, this is my first Tracy Woodson card posted.

1988 Donruss
#515 Craig Lefferts (x2)
#516 Manny Trillo
#517 Jerry Reed
#518 Rick Leach
#525 Jeff Hamilton
#528 Greg Cadaret
#534 Eric Nolte
#537 Charlie Puleo (x2)
#538 Tom Prince
No Cardinals in this bunch, and barely any names I recognize.

1988 Donruss
#540 Jim Lindeman
#546 Mike Devereaux (x2)
#548 Jose Rijo
#552 Dave LaPoint
#554 Rocky Childress (x2)
#555 Wally Ritchie
#558 Jeff Robinson (x3)
#560 Ted Simmons
#562 Keith Miller
Apparently this is my first Jim Lindeman card posted too. Dave LaPoint was another Cardinal, and Ted Simmons is here in his final season, his 21st, after his first 13 were in St. Louis.

1988 Donruss
#571 Pete Smith
#572 Darnell Coles (x2)
#575 Dennis Rasmussen
#576 Steve Jeltz
#580 Ron Hassey
#587 Tim Belcher
#589 Melido Perez
#590 Rick Honeycutt
#592 Curt Wilkerson
I really didn't remember Darnell Coles playing for the Cardinals in 1995, but he did, in 63 games. I do remember Rick Honeycutt, as one of Tony La Russa's favorites that was brought over from the A's.

1988 Donruss
#595 Storm Davis
#598 Alejandro Pena
#604 Tom Newell (x2)
#606 Jim Gott (x2)
#607 Harry Spilman
#610 Mickey Brantley
#611 Jose Nunez
#616 Bobby Meacham

1988 Donruss
#618 Gene Garber
#620 Randy Myers
#622 Domingo Ramos
#623 Ed Romero
#626 Pat Perry
#627 Andres Thomas
#643 Keith Hughes
#654 Ron Gant
Pat Perry and Ron Gant finish off this post for Cardinals. Perry was another Cardinal that wore my favorite number, 37.

With the duplicates I didn't scan, there was a total of 72 cards in this post. As they were from my half-cent box, they cost me 36 cents, and brought my average down another .016 cents per card. My total eBay bargain cards is now over 4000.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought4035
Total Spent$56.09
Per Card1.39 cents
Change-0.016 cents


Saturday Night at the Mall Autograph

I always assume most of the country is like the St. Louis region, which I've lived in for my whole life. Routinely, I find out things I find normal are actually unique to our region. For example, apparently we're in the minority of the country in using the name Soda, whereas many more people use Pop or Coke, which sound weird when I hear them.

One of those things that's been "the way things are" in this area (and maybe yours, I don't know) for many years is that teens and preteens hang out at the mall on Fridays and/or Saturdays. It's from about whatever age the parents are comfortable dropping them off alone for a few hours, until around driving age. As a result, not only are our malls packed with extra shoppers on those evenings, they are packed with herds of kids. As a result, I generally avoid going to the mall on those evenings if I can, preferring to go during the day Saturday if there's really something I need there. But, the Cardinals had a day game Saturday, and one of the local memorabilia stores held a signing at 6:30pm. I decided to brave the crowds and meet Randal Grichuk

Randal Grichuk 15
He was a few minutes late (totally understandable and expected on a game day), and I bought my ticket as a walk-up so my line number was pretty high, so I had plenty of time to people watch in line. I saw kids dressed as anime characters complete with brightly colored wigs, teens dressed for the prom, and plenty of people who were craning their necks around to try to see who we were all waiting for. I always seem to have an inordinate number of strangers approach me in life, and keeping with tradition, for some reason I was the one people would ask "who's here?". Some seemed to have no idea who I was talking about when I said Randal Grichuk, and said "ah, cool" and moved on. My favorite one of those was a guy wearing this shirt:

Bill Murray
Once Grichuk arrived, the line moved pretty quickly. I got a ball signed, as you can see above. A young girl in front of me was having a photo signed, which showed him and her at a previous signing. I was imagining how I'd frame and display a set of photos like that to really show off the inception-like nature. For now, though, I'll stick with my baseball collection I suppose.


eBay Wins #223

Continuing with 1988 Donruss, I've got 122 more cards today from my half-cent box. Only 90 are unique. so again I haven't scanned the duplicates and the one triplicate. The Cardinals were a little less dense in this bunch, allowing me to post more before running out of tag space.

1988 Donruss
#233 Dick Schofield (x2)
#234 Jose Oquendo
#235 Bill Doran
#236 Milt Thompson (x2)
#238 Bobby Bonilla
#243 Phil Bradley (x2)
#253 Bob Welch
#257 Mitch Webster (x2)
#258 Brian Downing
Although, there are 3 Cardinals in this first scan; Jose Oquendo, obviously, along with Milt Thompson and Bobby Bonilla.

1988 Donruss
#260 Carlton Fisk
#261 Billy Hatcher
#264 Randy Ready (x2)
#265 Kurt Stillwell (x2)
#266 David Palmer
#267 Mike Diaz
#268 Rob Thompson
#270 Lee Guetterman
#278 Pedro Guerrero
Pedro Guerrero is another former Cardinal. I remember having this specific card, or at least seeing it, when I was very young, and thinking he must be wearing football pads for some reason. Now, I'm just assuming his arms are slightly raised, like maybe he's leaning against the batting cage.

1988 Donruss
#280 Kevin Seitzer (x2)
#281 Mike Davis (x2)
#283 Devon White
#284 Pete O'Brien
#286 Kevin Bass
#287 Carmelo Martinez
#288 Juan Samuel
#289 Kal Daniels (x2)
#290 Albert Hall (x2)

1988 Donruss
#291 Andy Van Slyke
#299 Mickey Hatcher
#304 Pete Incaviglia
#306 Bill Long
#309 Darren Daulton (x2)
#310 Tracy Jones (x2)
#312 Mike LaValliere (x3)
#314 Glenn Hubbard
#320 Kent Hrbek
Andy Van Slyke makes another appearance in this set, along with the catcher he was traded with, Mike LaValliere, whose card had 3 copies in my bargain box.

1988 Donruss
#325 Jeff Dedmon (x2)
#327 Jeffrey Leonard (x2)
#332 Larry Anderson
#333 Jack Howell
#334 Ken Williams
#335 Bryn Smith
#339 Mike Greenwell
#340 Claudell Washington (x2)
#341 Jose Gonzalez (x2)
I only know Bryn Smith as a Cardinal from the several cards I've had of him for a long time showing him in a Cardinals uniform, but I don't really remember him as an active player.

1988 Donruss
#342 Mel Hall
#344 Tony Bernazard
#348 Thad Bosley
#352 John Shelby
#356 Gus Polidor
#358 Danny Darwin (x2)
#359 Lance Parrish
#360 James Steels
#361 Al Pedrique
Al Pedrique would be an important part of a mini collection of mine if I ever had the time to put it together. He was the NL All Star at SS in RBI Baseball, because Ozzie Smith was already on the Cardinals. He wasn't actually an All-Star at all during his career, so I'm not sure why he was chosen.

1988 Donruss
#362 Mike Aldrete
#364 Len Dykstra
#365 Luis Quinones
#366 Jim Presley
#367 Lloyd Moseby
#371 Dave Schmidt
#372 Mark Clear
#373 Dave Bergman (x2)
#374 Charles Hudson (x2)
Mike Aldrete is another case, like Carney Lansford in the last post, of a player who would one day put on the Cardinal uniform, but never actually played for the team. He was a bench coach from 2012-2014.

1988 Donruss
#375 Calvin Schiraldi
#376 Alex Trevino (x2)
#379 Mike Gallego
#385 Don Carman
#389 Rick Mahler (x2)
#390 Mike Dunne (x2)
#402 Brian Holton
#405 Dwayne Murphy (x2)
#406 Jeff Parrett
Mike Gallego and Jeff Parrett both came to the Cardinals later in their careers, oddly enough right as the Cardinals started getting good again.

1988 Donruss
#410 Dave Smith (x2)
#413 Nick Esasky
#414 Damaso Garcia
#415 Brian Fisher (x2)
#423 Matt Young
#424 Steve Balboni (x2)
#425 Luis Polonia (x2)
#431 Gerald Young
#432 Rick Schu
Gerald Young was briefly a Cardinal in 1994, brief enough I've apparently never posted one of his cards before.

1988 Donruss
#435 John Cangelosi
#437 Gerald Perry (x2)
#441 Greg Gagne
#442 Jesse Barfield
#445 Ed Nunez
#448 Rafael Ramirez (x2)
#449 John Smiley
#450 Atlee Hammaker (x2)
#451 Lance McCullers
And we finish with Gerald Perry, the player who caused me to learn what a platoon was, and to realize you can't play every "good" player every day, but it's good to have a serviceable backup. As I recall he was used pretty often as a pinch hitter, and would sub in at first base from time to time.

Those 122 cards cost me 61 cents, bringing my bargain hunting average down just a little more again. I'm nearing 1.4 cents per card, and also nearing 4000 total cards.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3963
Total Spent$55.73
Per Card1.406 cents
Change-0.029 cents


A Blogiversary Contest at Waiting 'til Next Year

P-town Tom who writes Waiting 'til Next Year has been blogging for 5 years now, and is having a contest to celebrate.

Entry is simple; just tell him your favorite MLB team, presumably so that your prize will be loaded with cards from that team. Or maybe it'll be all Cubs duplicates, who knows?!

Anyway, go enter, and you can promote it for an extra entry, much like this.


April Card Show Purchases

When I got Whitey Herzog's autograph, I had some time to shop while waiting for my number to get called into line. Here's what I found that I felt was worth buying:

1987 Topps #243 Whitey Herzog
1990 Topps #590 Ozzie Smith
2013 Gypsy Queen #144 Red Schoendienst
2016 Heritage #14 Jhonny Peralta
4 base cards? Of course not, that'd be quite the waste of space for the sellers paying for table space. I bought 4 complete sets, but I decided to just post a representative card from each here. The 1987 and 1990 Topps came from a seller who said he just bought a large collection of hand-collated sets. In fact, he had so many junk era sets, he didn't have time to go through each one and verify they were complete, so he instead put them on his 2 for $5 table with a sign disclosing they may or may not be complete. He told me he trusted the guy personally, but he didn't want to upset anyone if they had missing cards. I flipped through them pretty fast, but mine did appear to be complete.

From the same seller, I also bought the 2013 Gypsy Queen base set, after looking up in Zistle and seeing not only was I nowhere close to completing it, I only owned one card from the set. I was kind of surprised by that, but that's just one of the sets that I never got around to buying in 2013. I'm really glad I have Zistle as a resource to look up my collection in cases like that; I would have guessed I already had most of the base set.

Finally, I purchased the 2016 Heritage base set (without short prints), saving myself the cost and time that go with opening retail blasters, which is how I usually buy Heritage. I think I did OK on the price of $35, based on what they're going for on eBay. I certainly saved myself $5 off the cost of the first two blasters I would have bought, and I probably would have bought a few more. I won't get any insert cards, but I rarely chase those anyway. They're just nice bonuses that come with my set building.

I've started to feel like buying full sets is the better way for me to go. I'm not making some huge change to my collecting, except I'll probably purchase full sets a little more often, and slightly fewer packs. I'll still buy packs and boxes for some sets, like the relatively cheap Opening Day, or ones where I really like the inserts.


eBay Wins #222

I've got another giant stack of cards as a consequence of splitting up my eBay wins by set, so here's the first group from 1988 Donruss, until I run out of space to tag the Cardinals players.

1988 Donruss
#3 Benito Santiago
#10 Julio Franco
#13 Shane Rawley
#14 Kal Daniels
#18 Andy Van Slyke
#22 Glenn Hubbard (x2)
#24 Bob Welch
#28 Mackey Sasser
#30 Mike Campbell (x2)
Let's see if every scan has at least one Cardinal. First up is Andy Van Slyke. He counts, despite his Pirates uniform.

1988 Donruss
#35 Shawn Hillegas
#38 Jose Lind
#39 Kirt Manwaring
#45 Vicente Palacios
#52 Pat Clements
#53 Fernando Valenzuela
#54 Mark Gubicza
#55 Jay Howell (x2)
#58 DeWayne Buice
Fernando Valenzuela and Vicente Palacios represent the Cardinals in scan 2. This is the first Vicente Palacios card I've posted, according to my blogger tags.

1988 Donruss
#59 Jose DeLeon
#60 Danny Cox
#63 Tom Browning
#65 R.J. Reynolds (x2)
#66 Kevin Mitchell
#67 Ken Oberkfell
#70 Scott Bankhead (x2)
#78 Dale Murphy
#79 Doug Drabek
Jose DeLeon, Danny Cox, Ken Oberkfell...this one might ruin it for the others.

1988 Donruss
#80 Scott Garrelts
#81 Ed Whitson
#84 Greg Mathews
#87 Donnie Hill
#97 Curt Young
#101 Bobby Witt
#103 Mickey Tettleton (x2)
#106 Mike Scioscia
#111 Bob Forsch
Greg Mathews, Bobby Witt, and Bob Forsch keep the streak alive.

1988 Donruss
#115 Bob Kipper
#121 Mark Eichhorn
#123 John Franco
#130 Ken Howell (x2)
#133 Gene Nelson
#138 Bob Knepper
#143 Ozzie Virgil
#144 Felix Fermin
#147 Scott Bradley (x2)
And, the dream is over.

1988 Donruss
#154 Wayne Tolleson
#155 Mariano Duncan
#156 Julio Franco
#158 Terry Steinbach
#165 Bruce Ruffin
#166 Ron Robinson (x2)
#167 Zane Smith (x2)
#168 Junior Ortiz
#176 Steve Sax
Two Cardinal-free scans in a row. At least there's a Terry Steinbach, who played my favorite position for my second favorite team.

1988 Donruss
#178 Carney Lansford
#186 Bo Diaz
#187 Stan Jefferson
#188 Sid Bream
#190 Dion James
#198 Rey Quinones
#202 Ken Griffey
#203 Tommy Gregg
#207 Von Hayes
I always debate with myself, but ultimately decide Carney Lansford counts, since he wore the uniform as a coach with the Cardinals.

1988 Donruss
#209 Craig Reynolds
#212 Vance Law
#213 Ken Gerhart
#218 Franklin Stubbs (x2)
#221 Tony Phillips
#224 Steve Buechele
#225 Frank White
#226 Alfredo Griffin
#229 Mike Marshall (x2)
No Cardinals to finish off this post, but there's a Frank White, one of the top Royals of all time.

This post had 72 unique cards, but with 12 doubles mixed in I didn't bother to scan, for a total of 84 cards, out of the half-penny box, costing me 42 cents total.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3841
Total Spent$55.12
Per Card1.435 cents
Change-0.021 cents


Fairfield Football Repack #6

I'm down to 13 2013 figurines before this repack, which means I'll need at least 3+ repacks to get a full set. But first, more 2013 Score.

2013 Score
#28 Steve Smith
#41 A.J. Green
#93 Coby Fleener
#133 Darren Sproles
#194 Sidney Rice
Airmail #242 Mark Sanchez
Franchise #272 Jay Cutler
Future Franchise #300 Julio Jones
2013 Rookie #400 Knile Davis
Every week there's another trickle of NFL news that makes me feel weirder about the upcoming season, now that the Rams are gone. But, there were none of them in this repack.

2013 Score
#97 Justin Blackmon
#169 Jonathan Dwyer
Road to the Superbowl #259 Dennis Pitta
Dennis Pitta was a decent fantasy football tight end a few years ago, as he helped bring me to my league's final game. As I recall, I did not choose to keep him, though, despite it being an unlimited keeper league.

2013 NFL Teenymates
Arizona, Philadelphia, NY Jets, Detroit
Arizona and Detroit Running Backs were new, and I now have 11 of them to go.

2014 NFL Teenymates
Atlanta, Washington, New York Giants, Minnesota
Atlanta and Washington Wide Receivers were new. I still need 9 wide receivers.

2013 NFL Teenymates puzzle
Two 2013 pieces were new, New Orleans and Cleveland.

2014 NFL Teenymates puzzle
The two new pieces were from the middles of the puzzle, featuring the TeenyMates name.

2013 puzzle progress
I've now got 22/35 of the 2013 puzzle.

2014 puzzle progress
With the two new pieces, I'm up to 25/35 on the 2014 puzzle.

As I've said at the bottom of every one of these posts, I'd be happy to trade some figures or even puzzle pieces if you've got some you'd like to swap. Anything I've got 2 of is up for grabs, if you can read this dizzying chart.

NFL Teenymates
FiguresPuzzle Pieces

RB Special: Glow-in-the-Dark
WR Special: Monster (x2), Orange


eBay Wins #221

Today I have a half-dozen cards from 1988 Fleer, from my half-cent box.

#6 Randy Bush
#99 Jose Uribe
#125 Duane Ward
#216 Mike Pagliarulo
#318 Kent Tekulve
#360 Jody Reed

In this group, only Jose Uribe played for the Cardinals, in 1984. He played only 8 games, but is listed under 2 different uniform numbers, 5 and 7. He was part of the trade that brought Jack Clark to St. Louis from San Francisco.

These cards were from the half-cent box, so it knocked down my average another .001 cents per card.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3757
Total Spent$54.70
Per Card1.456 cents
Change-0.001 cents


April Card Show Autograph

I've taken a few months off from my local-ish card show, due variously to lackluster autograph guests, or personal business to attend to. Also there have been a few shows featuring players I've already got autographed balls from. This one had two of those as well, Lou Brock and Red Schoendienst.

Whitey Herzog
But there was one signer I didn't have yet, probably the most well liked manager of the last 40 years, Whitey Herzog. There was a sizable crowd there, and I didn't buy my ticket in advance, so I had a rather high line number and had to wait quite awhile, because not only is Whitey one of the most popular baseball personalities around St. Louis, he also engaged everyone in conversation, and posed for pictures with anyone who wanted one. I consider this autograph right up there with the top stars of the 1980s Cardinals like Ozzie Smith, so I'm really happy to add it to my collection.


eBay Wins #220

Today's eBay win is a card from a set I'm reasonably sure I've seen before, but is apparently new to my collection, 1988 Pacific Legends.

1988 Pacific Legends #46 Sparky Anderson
I'm starting to think I must have some cards I either lost, or stashed away somewhere in my parents house when I was a kid. Luckily they haven't moved since then, so I'll have to go on an exploration mission of their basement next time I'm there. I feel so certain I had cards that look like this, yet there are none in my collection. Well, there's one now.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3751
Total Spent$54.67
Per Card1.457 cents
Change-0.001 cents


2016 Marketside Cards

For once I'm on the bleeding edge of new cards, as these have only been out for a week or so. Ever the bargain hunter, I opted for the less pricey bread sticks for my first pack.

2016 Marketside Pizza
#2 Freddie Freeman
#36 Salvador Perez
#46 Kyle Schwarber
My scanner really hid the Topps logos on these cards, making them look more like the food issues of the 80s and 90s. You'd just need to obscure Freeman's helmet logo and maybe a little more of Schwarber's chest logo for the full experience.

I've got a few family members that are usually willing to change their shopping habits just slightly to help me out a bit, so hopefully I'll be able to talk them into trying a Marketside pizza instead of their usual frozen pizza, and pick up several more packs of these cards. I'd like to at least get a Wacha, Molina, and Pujols before these come off the shelves.


eBay Wins #219

As is usual in my eBay scrounging, traded or update sets are much more rare than their regular counterparts. In the time it took me to somewhat-randomly gather 148 cards from 1987 Topps, I got exactly one card from 1987 Topps Traded. And, it's only the 5th overall in my collection from the set.

1987 Topps Traded #47T Donnie Hill
Donnie Hill only ever played in the AL, and only through 1992, so he never even played against the Cardinals. But, thanks to baseball reference, I found something even more interesting about him. He pitched exactly once, and it was a full inning. He gave up one walk, got a strikeout, and retired the side without allowing any runs. Of course, everyone was pretty much ready to home by then, because that was the bottom of the = 8th inning, and the score had been 20-7 since the bottom of the 5th. He gets credit for a Game Finished, though, since his Angels were visiting the Brewers.

This card brings my eBay wins to a round-ish 3750 cards. That's 3/4 of the way to 5000, so it counts as round-ish.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3750
Total Spent$54.66
Per Card1.458 cents
Change0 cents