October Card Show Autograph

You know the deal by now. I'm catching up on my backlog of autographs. This one's from October, 2018. It was the last year of a 3-year playoff drought for the Cardinals, but I managed to meet 2 World Champions that October to make up for it.

Glenn Brummer
82 WSC
Dick Groat

Glenn Brummer is most famous in St. Louis for stealing home in an extra-inning game in 1982. He was the backup catcher that year, playing in just 35 games, mostly as a late-inning replacement for Darrell Porter. Gene Tenace was also on the team as a catcher, but was primarily used as a pinch hitter. At the autograph signing Glenn could best be compared to Don Rickles. He never stopped smiling, laughing, and playfully jabbing at and joking with the fans in line.

Dick Groat was almost 88 years old as of this signing, so he was a bit more reserved. I really only have one Dick Groat story, which I've shared on here before, and it's not even mine, it's my Dad's.  I believe it was at game 7 of the 1964 World Series. The crowd stormed the field, and when he and his  friend found each other again after getting separated in the crowd, the first thing he told my dad was "I touched Dick Groat!" Which, as I said before, would be a great name for a blog if you were for some reason a hybrid Cardinals/Pirates fan.


A Contest at ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession

I've been a little lax in posting lately, so I figured I'd take the opportunity for a quick and easy one to fill in the gap. Over at ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession, which I feel like I've been reading for 10 years even though it's only been around for 8, there's a simple Price Is Right style contest. Guess the price of a lot consisting of 3 autograph cards, win a prize. I guess on the Price is Right you win the actual thing you were bidding on, but the idea holds. Oh, also it doesn't say closest without going over. Man, this analogy is falling apart. I need some sleep.

Go guess! Before April 16!


September Card Show Autograph

I must once again shamefully point out that this autograph is not from last September, but 2018. Let's see if I can stick with my goal of catching up.

Cesar Cedeno
Cesar Cedeno played for the Cardinals for part of just a single season, but it was a good one - 1985. He joined the team in August, acquired for a minor leaguer. They won the NL, and came tantalizingly close to winning the World Series. He then left for Los Angeles, played in 37 games early in the season, but was released June 5, 1986. Baseball-Reference says he was then re-signed by the Cardinals in July that year, but he did not wind up playing any games for them in 1986.


Phil Niekro Appreciation

Happy Birthday to the man, the legend, the knuckleballer, Phil Niekro.

1988 Score #555 Phil Niekro
Despite being very Cardinals-centric collector, I've had Phil on my blog not once, not twice, but four times before:

eBay Wins #5
eBay Wins #121
eBay Wins #217
eBay Wins #233

Ok, so I'm no superfan, his cards have just shown up a few times in my sometimes random eBay lot purchases.

Happy Birthday Phil!