Zistle Trade #11 Part I

I actually completed 2 Zistle trades recently, so here's part of one in addition to the one I posted 5 days ago. This one was with a Cubs fan, so the duplicates I sent out were Sandbergs, Dawsons, Madduxes, and some others.

1990 Fleer
#242 Tom Brunansky
#244 Alex Cole
#256 Tony Pena
These 3 are a good start, but I still have 9 cards left to go to get all the 1990 Fleer Cardinals, which is comprised of a total of 24 cards. For some reason I have 8 Todd Zeiles.

1990 Score
#260 Vince Coleman
#600 Todd Zeile
1990 Score is another set with 24 Cardinals in it, and another one in which I previously had 12. So, now I still need 10 from that set.

Since I like cataloging all of the sets and Cardinals players in my posts using Blogger's labels feature, I split this trade into 2 posts. This post is really what was left when the second one was full, so the other half (roughly) will be up tomorrow.

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