Superbowl 50 Projection, Divisional Saturday

Arizona over New England

This has been a tough week for me as a football fan. The Rams have left for Los Angeles. I can't decide if I'll watch and root for them next year, as they'll have most of the 2015 St. Louis players, and Jeff Fisher is still the coach it would seem.

As for the teams who actually played yesterday, New England didn't really dominate Kansas City, but they did take a lead and refused to give it up. Green Bay tied the game on an amazing last-second Hail Mary pass, but promptly lost on the first possession in overtime without Aaron Rodgers getting a chance more more heroics. Thus, my picks when 0 for 2 yesterday.

Now let's see who I'm rooting for tomorrow to finish out the Conference Championship participants.

Seattle at Carolina:
If Carolina were undefeated, I would root for them automatically, for a chance to see the first team to ever go 19-0. Since the winner will play Arizona, I'm going to root for Seattle, to see one last hurrah from "my" division before I become more of an AFC West kinda guy. Although, if Green Bay had won last night, I might still have rooted for Seattle so that Green Bay would get to host. I'll have to do some digging and see if any conference championship has ever involved the #5 vs #6 seeds.

Pittsburgh at Denver:
I usually root for Pittsburgh, mostly because a good friend of mine is a Steelers fan. I've always liked Peyton Manning, though, so I'll be okay with either of these teams moving on to face the Patriots.


First to 10% chance of Superbowl Win: Arizona (Week 3, Sunday)
First to 20% chance of Superbowl Win: New England (Week 9, Sunday)
First to 25% chance of Superbowl Win: Arizona (Week 16, Sunday)

First to 80% chance of Playoffs: Arizona (Week 3, Sunday)
First to 90% chance of Playoffs: Green Bay (Week 4, Final)
First to 99% chance of Playoffs: New England (Week 8, Thursday)
First to 99.9% chance of Playoffs: Cincinnati (Week 9, Thursday)
First to 99.99% chance of Playoffs: Carolina (Week 11, Sunday)
First to 99.999% chance of Playoffs: New England (Week 11, Final)
First to 99.9999% chance of Playoffs: Carolina (Week 12, Thursday)
First to clinch Playoffs: Carolina (Week 13, Sunday)
First to clinch a First Round Bye: Carolina (Week 14, Sunday)
First to clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs: Carolina, Denver (Week 17, Final)

First team eliminated from winning a division: Miami (Week 11, Final)
First team eliminated from the playoffs: Cleveland (Week 13, Sunday)

[Week 1]
[Week 2, Thursday]
[Week 2, Sunday]
[Week 2, Final]
[Week 3, Thursday]
[Week 3, Sunday]
[Week 3, Final]
[Week 4, Thursday]
[Week 4, Sunday]
[Week 4, Final]
[Week 5, Thursday]
[Week 5, Sunday]
[Week 5, Final]
[Week 6, Thursday]
[Week 6, Sunday]
[Week 6, Final]
[Week 7, Thursday]
[Week 7, Sunday]
[Week 7, Final]
[Week 8, Thursday]
[Week 8, Sunday]
[Week 8, Final]
[Week 9, Thursday]
[Week 9, Sunday]
[Week 9, Final]
[Week 10, Thursday]
[Week 10, Sunday]
[Week 10, Final]
[Week 11, Thursday]
[Week 11, Sunday]
[Week 11, Final]
[Week 12, Thursday]
[Week 12, Sunday]
[Week 12, Final]
[Week 13, Thursday]
[Week 13, Sunday]
[Week 13, Final]
[Week 14, Thursday]
[Week 14, Sunday]
[Week 14, Final]
[Week 15, Thursday]
[Week 15, Saturday]
[Week 15, Sunday]
[Week 15, Final]
[Week 16, Thursday]
[Week 16, Saturday]
[Week 16, Sunday]
[Week 16, Final]
[Week 17, Final]
[Wildcard Saturday]
[Wildcard Sunday]

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