eBay Wins #171

Today's eBay penny card isn't in fantastic shape. It appears to have some sort of bubble-effect over the foil. I'm not really sure what caused that, but I suspect moisture, or maybe another glossy card stacked on top of it for too long.

1997 Pinnacle #31 Chan Ho Park
Quick, guess what year Chan Ho Park finished playing.  If you're not a Pirates or Yankees fan, I bet you guessed way too early.

The answer is 2010. I would have probably said 2004, and I could have only listed the Dodgers and Rangers as his teams. I knew he started young, and had some great years, but I had no idea he lasted through 17 seasons.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3280
Total Spent$51.30
Per Card1.564 cents
Change0 cents


Zistle Trade #15

This was another trade where I only had to send one card to my trading partner, but at least it was a 2011 Heritage SP this time. I'd say it balanced these well enough.

2012 Opening Day - Fantasy Squad #FS-13 Victor Martinez
1992 Topps - Gold #151 Jeff Hamilton
2011 Topps - Kimball Champions #KC-24 Josh Johnson
2011 Opening Day - Superstar Celebrations #SC-10 Carlos Pena
1992 was when I first started collecting cards, so the first current-year packs I bought were 1992 Topps. The Gold parallel set has been one of my biggest wants ever since then. I felt like I had a lot of them many years ago, but my collection currently only has 12, now 13 with the addition of Jeff Hamilton. It's possible I believed 10 or so was a lot back then, and it's possible I'll unearth a box of cards somewhere with more Golds in it when helping my parents clean out their basement one of these days.

This trade was full of inserts, with a card from the 2011 Kimball Champions set I've been so enamored with, and two Opening Day inserts. Opening Day always seems like it'd be an easy set to complete a bunch of insert sets from, but so far I haven't bought any full boxes to try to do so the easy way. Instead I'll let them trickle in through the years in trades like this.


eBay Wins #170

Today, I break free from my need for neat, orderly scans with a 2-card horizontal-vertical combo, which provides no way to avoid whitespace, apart from doing two separate scans. Maybe that would have been the move.

1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice
#322 Mark Thompson
#323 Walt Weiss
I always do a cursory search of players I don't recognize, and even some I do, to see if they played for the Cardinals. Generally, I find nothing, as I remember most Cardinals, especially those who played for the team after 1992 when I started watching, or even after the junk wax era began, let's say 1985. But here's Mark Thompson, heretofore unknown to me as a Cardinal, who actually played the last year and a half of his career with St. Louis. He made 5 starts in 1999, and 20 relief appearances in 2000. Clearly there's a bit of a gap in my baseball memory, from right around the time there's a gap in my baseball card collection, starting in 1999 or 2000.

I bet you thought this post would be mostly about Walt Weiss.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3279
Total Spent$51.29
Per Card1.564 cents
Change-0.001 cents


Zistle Trade #14

My trading partner today wanted just one card, a 2011 Opening Day Mike Stanton base card. He's doing quite well right now, so I sold high (I think) for a collection of 1992 Donruss Cardinals.

1992 Donruss
#397 Royce Clayton
#424 Chris Sabo
#428 Will Clark
#481 Omar Olivares
#533 Geronimo Pena
#553 Rich Gedman
#570 Scott Cooper

I've still got 44 cards on my wantlist for this set, of which 43 are Cardinals and one is Deion Sanders, just because. Of course many are like these Chris Sabo and Will Clark cards, playing in other uniforms. There are a good number of them among the 188 cards of this base set I have, too. Free Agency keeps my collecting net wide enough that I'll probably never finish my want list.


eBay Wins #169

Today's eBay penny cards come from one of the most 90s sets of the 90s, Circa '97.

1997 Circa
#323 Jeff Fassero
#345 Jeff D'Amico
I already detailed Jeff Fassero's stints with the Cardinals 3 eBay posts ago with #166, and Jeff D'Amico has no connection to the Cardinals, so here's something I was inspired to embed due to this post having too many Jeffs. Put the kids to bed before the halfway point for sure.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3277
Total Spent$51.27
Per Card1.565 cents
Change0 cents


Zistle Trade #13

I recently received a flurry of trade proposals on Zistle, so I'll have a few of these to post in the next few days. This small batch of cards cost me a JFK, a Harry Truman, and a Nate McLouth. In return I got 3 Cardinals I didn't have yet.

1991 Studio #231 Bernard Gilkey
1992 Pinnacle #304 Allen Watson
2011 Topps - Kimball Champions #KC-65 Bob Gibson
I have no way of proving this, but I think I very recently added the Gilkey and Watson cards to my wantlist. When I'm adding cards to my collection, if I'm not in a hurry I'll go through the rest of the set and add any missing Cardinals to my want list, since I'd like one of every Cardinal, even from the junk wax sets. I think I did that recently for 1992 Pinnacle and 1991 Studio.

I've had the entire Kimball Champions insert set on my wantlist for several years now, but I haven't made any great efforts to complete it. It's just out there as a reminder that I like the ones I have and I want more. Luckily for me, my trading partner had one of my top wants from that set, Bob Gibson.


eBay Wins #168

I'm progressing rapidly through my eBay wins, with the last post representing all of 1996, and this one starting 1997. However, I've got more on the way from the junk wax era, so I'll just have to start this process all over again. Eventually the cycles will get shorter, I think.

1997 Donruss #127 George Arias

Here we've got George Arias in uniform during the last year of the California Angels, before they became the Anaheim Angels. That move was around the time I was collecting caps from each MLB team, and I was thoroughly frustrated by their logo change. Now I just embrace changes, as they just make my current hat a throwback.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3275
Total Spent$51.25
Per Card1.565 cents
Change0 cents


Another Pack Stash Pack, from 2013 Triple Play

I believe this packs was a free bonus in a Dave and Adam's order, though I could be wrong. These are my first cards of 2013 Triple Play.

2013 Panini Triple Play
#8 Manny Machado
#16 Kevin Youkilis
#56 Derek Jeter
Tattoos #9 Derek Jeter
#90 Jayson Werth
#93 Buster Posey
Red Bordered Stickers #6 Aroldis Chapman
I got a bit of a Derek Jeter hot pack here, with his base card and the tattoo insert. These cards look a bit more cartoonish than 2012, based on my small sample. The pictures appear more like caricatures, as opposed the post-processed photo look the previous year. I've got a few more of these in the pack stash, and I'm kind of eager to get them open now, at least to see if I can pull a Cardinal or two.


eBay Wins #167

You know the drill by now. Here's one set's worth of cards I got for the lowest possible single-card price on eBay, a penny each.

1996 Topps Stadium Club
#362 Kevin Appier
#413 Chris Bosio

Before these two cards, I only had 15 base cards from 1996 Stadium Club. Now I'm up to 17. If only I could find the rest for a penny each, I could build the rest of the set for a mere $4.33.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3274
Total Spent$51.24
Per Card1.565 cents
Change0 cents


Pack Stash, Super Mega Jumbo Ultra

...which is the full name of Fleer Ultra before they changed it for showbiz purposes.

I reached back into the pack stash and found a pack of 1994 Fleer Ultra, Series 2. It's a huge pack by today's standards - 15 cards! (Edit: clearly a math degree doesn't prevent counting errors. There are 17 cards.) I got one Cardinal, which is probably a decent ratio, but 2 players I collect.

1994 Fleer Ultra
#310 Chris Sabo
#314 Mike Greenwell
#330 Bo Jackson
#337 Ozzie Guillen
#340 Jack McDowell
#343 Carlos Baerga
#347 Eddie Murray
#367 Brent Mayne
The non-Cardinal I collect is Bo Jackson. He played his last year for the Angels, something I probably won't have gotten right if asked as trivia. I also got former Cardinal Chris Sabo, Hall of Famer Eddie Murray, and future manager Ozzie Guillen.

1994 Fleer Ultra
#374 Pat Listach
#382 Wes Weger
#384 Rick Aguilera
#390 Shane Mack
#399 Xavier Hernandez
#412 Terry Steinbach
No Cardinals here, but the A's were my favorite AL team back when there was no interleague play. Now it seems odd to like any team my favorite team plays against every few years. As a kid, I think the real reason I was drawn to the A's was the uniqueness of a team wearing green, and Terry Steinbach's wearing plenty of it here.

1994 Fleer Ultra
#364 Tom Gordon
#401 Terry Mulholland
Phillies Finest #11 Darren Daulton
I almost didn't catch that the Darren Daulton card was an insert, until I sorted out the cards by number and saw there was no way it could be in Series 2. I'm always learning things I didn't know - or didn't remember - about older sets. That Phillies Finest set, to celebrate their world series appearance I guess, just has 10 cards of John Kruk, and 10 of Darren Daulton. I would have figured there would be a matching insert set for the actual champions, the Toronto Blue Jays, but none seems to exist.


eBay Wins #166

Among my many eBay penny cards, I had 5 from 1995 Topps. I can't recall whether these all came in one transaction, every since my great reshuffling of my eBay wins pile.

1995 Topps
#415 Mike Magnante
#488 Scott Ruffcorn
#493 Jorge Fabregas
#603 Jeff Fassero
#634 Rod Bolton/Olmedo Saenz
The only Cardinal in these cards is Jeff Fassero, who was sort of on the team twice. He was drafted by the Cardinals in 1984, but stayed in the minors for them, as well as the Chicago White Sox and Cleveland before signing with Montreal and making it to the big leagues. He went to a few more teams before the Chicago Cubs traded him back to the Cardinals just before the nonwaiver deadline in 2002, then he actually picked up 2 wins in relief against Arizona in the NLDS.

eBay Bargain Tracker
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Total Spent$51.22
Per Card1.565 cents
Change-0.001 cents


A Sports Card Info Soccer Win

If you've been following card blogs for long, you probably already know about the weekly contests at Sports Card Info. If not, start following along and take a shot a winning a relic or autograph pretty much every week. This time the prize was a nice MLS Relic.

2015 Topps MLS - Kits of the Game #KIT-DP Dillon Powers
It's hard to discern the texture in the scan, but I'd say this is probably from one of the 3 Adidas stripes, either on the shoulders or shorts. Dillon was the Rookie of the Year for 2013, so in my opinion, that's a pretty nice prize.

With no MLS team in St. Louis, I don't follow the league closely, though I do enjoy watching the games when I can catch them, especially every 4 years when my soccer interest is renewed by the World Cup. My Soccer collection has now pulled ahead of my Hockey collection for the percentage of it that is made up of hits. That percentage is 100%, with this as my first soccer card I'm aware of.

Anyway, thanks again to the very generous Sports Card Info for the many contests, especially those I win.


eBay Wins #165

1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack #168 Carlos Garcia
This is only my second card of this 240 card set, and the other is Mr. Upper Deck, Ken Griffey, Jr. I'm not sure what the deal is with Garcia's photo here. The helmet appears blue and blank, and it might say Pirates on his jersey, but that's not a normal Pittsburgh font. He was already in the major leagues for a few years by this point, so I wouldn't expect them to get stuck showing him in a minor league uniform. Was this some special promotional uniform and/or day?

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3267
Total Spent$51.17
Per Card1.566 cents
Change0 cents


Journey to the Center of the Pack Stash

Let's be honest, I'm nowhere near the center of my stash. But I'm on the journey, I suppose. Today I've got a pack of 2012 Topps Opening Day, which is yet another $1 pack from my 10 for $20ish repack.

2012 Topps Opening Day
#17 Pedro Alvarez
#90 Derek Jeter
#102 Jesus Montero
#126 Danny Valencia
#181 Clayton Kershaw
#201 Jose Reyes
Fantasy Squad #FS-17 Billy Butler
I purchased a bunch of 24-card packs of this set back when it came out, but didn't quite finish it off. I still have 49 cards missing, actually, which is a lot out of just 220 base cards. My scatter-shot approach to set building is starting to catch up with me, but I've got an idea about how to focus in and finish some sets. If it comes together, you who read my blog will certainly see it here. Unfortunately, all 7 of these were duplicates, including the Billy Butler insert card.


eBay Wins #164

1994 Leaf #31 Bobby Bonilla

I only have 10 cards from this set. 8 of them feature Cardinals, one has Chuck Carr, who played for the Cardinals in 1992, and one has Deion Sanders. Here's another one who later became a Cardinal. So, now I'm up to 11/440. Bobby Bonilla is probably most famous for his giant deferred-money contract for his last Mets season, which will ultimately pay him nearly $30 million over 25 years.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3266
Total Spent$51.16
Per Card1.566 cents
Change-0.001 cents


2014 Topps From The Pack Stash

2014 Topps
#50 Buster Posey
#69 Jhoulys Chacin
#167 Jeremy Guthrie
#176 Alex Cobb
#317 Lonnie Chisenhall

This pack illustrated the downside to the apparent bargains of repacks. I think my box was 10 packs for either $20 or $15, but these 5 card packs of Topps can be had for $1 at Dollar Tree last time I checked. But, they weren't all $1 packs, so overall the repack was still an OK deal. These are my first 2014 Topps cards, for some reason. I guess I just never jumped in last year when they came out, probably because I was still digging through my 3 hobby boxes of 2013 flagship and Update. I did win a contest for a 2014 insert, but that's the only card I have from the set, so here we are, with my first 2014 base cards showing up after my first 2015s.


eBay Wins #163

Another day, another eBay penny card. Today it's a play who retired as a Cardinal, Larry Walker.

1994 Upper Deck #370 Larry Walker
For some reason, the Cardinals fan base loves when we bring in once-great players in their career twilights. Will Clark, Bobby Bonilla, Lance Berkman (though he eventually played elsewhere), and Larry Walker all received warm welcomes and huge cheers, despite production that wasn't quite at the levels they reached at their career peaks. Since it was a salary dump by Colorado, the biggest player the Cardinals gave up for Walker was Chris Narveson, who would subsequently be traded to Boston, waived, and ultimately reclaimed by St. Louis, where he made his major league debut in 2006, the year after Walker last played.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3265
Total Spent$51.15
Per Card1.567 cents
Change0 cents


Pack Stash, 2008 Upper Deck Documentary Edition

Just for fun, let's go back to the pack stash. I currently have two cards from this set, which consists of over 4000 base cards, so the odds are I will at least not get any duplicates.

2008 Upper Deck Documentary
#1257 CHC47 May 21st
#1493 WAS43 May 16th
#1454 STL44 May 16th
#1572 CIN52 May 27th
#1883 CLE63 June 8th
#2560 MIL90 July 8th
#2570 MIN90 July 8th
#2599 OAK89 July 7th
#2830 HOU100 July 22nd
That Chris Duncan card is exactly the same image as the only other base card I have from this set, #854, which I showed in this post. A checklist review reveals that's pretty common for this set, but I have to ask, was Chris Duncan really one of the top guys on the team in 2007/2008, worthy of appearing on multiple cards in a set?

2008 Upper Deck Documentary
#3813 LAA130 August 25th
#3816 AZD130 August 24th
#3819 ATL130 August 23rd
#3822 BAL130 August 24th
#3854 LAD129 August 23rd
All Star Game #ASG-DW David Wright
I could see tracking down all 162 of the Cardinals cards from this set, or even theirs along with the opponents for the given games, for a total of 324, but finding 4000+ cards seems more like a part time job than a hobby. Still, it'd make a heck of a bindered or boxed set.


eBay Wins #162

Today I've got one penny card, just like I said I wouldn't do a few days ago.

1994 Donruss #615 Doug Brocail
I don't know much about Doug Brocail, so instead of making something up, here's Dana Carvey singing Choppin Broccoli

eBay Bargain Tracker
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Total Spent$51.14
Per Card1.567 cents
Change0 cents


Pack Stash, 2012 Triple Play Edition

Today I reach into my box of unopened cards which is currently gaining packs faster that it is losing them, to try to reverse that trend. Inside I found a pack of 2012 Panini Triple Play. I don't think I've opened any of this product before, nor do I have any of the singles in my collection. So, this pack will be my first impression, and probably determine if I attempt to track down any more of it.

2012 Panini Triple Play
#18 Paul Konerko
#86 Jose Bautista
#180 Orlando Hudson Puzzle 9 of 9
#228 Jose Bautista Puzzle 3 of 9
#266 Diamond
#60 Yoenis Cespedes
Stickers #14 Albert Pujols
I like to be pretty organized, so my first thought upon reviewing the cards in this pack was that I was surprised that all but one of these are base cards. At the very least, those two Jose Bautista cards scream "parallel". But, the second one is part of the puzzle-back (or is it puzzle-front?) cards that are part of the base set. The Baseball 101 card is another subset, rather than an insert set, which looks a little out of place. The subsets are in continuous runs, and are treated like inserts on the packaging, but due to the numbering, I'm going to have to call them all base cards.

The only non-base card is the Albert Pujols sticker, which doesn't say "Albert Pujols" anywhere on it. It clearly looks like him, and every online checklist lists it as Pujols, but the other stickers in the set say things like Home Run, Beanball, and - I'm not kidding - Manager Arguing. Later in the set there are headshots with actual names on the cards.

For me, because of the Matt Holliday and Albert Pujols puzzles, this might be a set I'd be interested in collecting. But, if none of the 12 were current or former Cardinals, I think I might tire of the puzzle repetition. I might pick up a few more packs and see if I then feel like completing the 90-card "base" set, the whole set 1-300, or just putting them up for trade.


eBay Wins #161

1994 wasn't the strongest Fleer Ultra set. They went a little overboard on the gold foil in the bottom 20% of the card. But, for a penny each, I'll take 2 more cards toward the set.

1994 Fleer Ultra
#321 Brian Anderson
#562 Luis Alicea
These two cards make 23 unique cards out of the 600 card set in my collection. I already had a copy of Luis Alicea's card.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3263
Total Spent$51.13
Per Card1.567 cents
Change0 cents


Turkey For Me, Turkey For You III: Turkeys in Time

If you get that sequel reference, you're probably just about my age, and, like me, you felt that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could do no wrong in 1993. Anyway, let's see the last of the Turkey Red trade from 2 by 3 Heroes.

2008 Upper Deck - Star Quest #SQ-16 Albert Pujols
2008 Upper Deck - Star Quest #SQ-32 Albert Pujols
2006 Fleer Ultra #38 Jim Edmonds
2007 Fleer Ultra #149 Jim Edmonds
2013 Gypsy Queen #80 Bob Gibson
2007 Topps #660 Yadier Molina
2003 Upper Deck Victory #88 Mark McGwire
1993 Topps #191 Sean Lowe
That's a nice pile of Cardinals to finish off the trade. With all the Cardinals cards I have stockpiled, I'm always kind of impressed to see just how many simple base cards are out there that I don't have, even though I know that shouldn't surprise me.


Turkey For Me, Turkey For You II: Electric Boogaloo

There are no turkeys today, but these came in the package with the Turkey Red cards, so I'm completely justified in ripping off the greatest sequel subtitle of all time.

Part I

1994 Stadium Club #63 Brian Jordan
1997 Donruss #67 Ray Lankford
2001 SP Authentic #53 Rick Ankiel
I still sometimes think I must have dreamed the game where Ankiel threw 5 wild pitches - and another that would have been called, but the catcher saved it - in an inning, but then I go look it up on YouTube, and sure enough, it happened. Then he came back and hit home runs for a while. What an odd career path for a modern player.

1996 Topps #431 Jaime Bluma, David Coggin, Steve Montgomery, Brandon Reed
2013 Topps Chrome - Refractor #119 Michael Wacha
That's a nice shiny Wacha Refractor. It looks so nice I was ready to go buy some 2013 Chrome, until I realized it wasn't a base card. Still, I may do so, just for the few refractors I'll get.

Steve Montgomery raises an interesting question for my collection, and my blog. He was drafted by the Cardinals, thus his image above wearing the STL cap. However, he stayed in the minor leagues until he was traded to Oakland for Dennis Eckersley. So, do I officially collect his cards? That would mean I would tag him in my blog posts. And if I do, do I also consider Coco Crisp a Cardinal? Since he's actually wearing the hat on this card, I think he gets a tag, as would any future card of his I get. By extension of that logic, Coco Crisp will also, from now on.

Tenet of Wilson #3: Once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal, for collecting purposes.


Turkey For Me, Turkey For You

Here it is, nearly Easter, and I've got Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song stuck in my head. No, my family doesn't have some weird holiday-swapping tradition; I traded some Turkey Red cards with a fellow fan of the set, JediJeff of 2x3 Heroes.

2010 Topps - Turkey Red
#TR2 Miguel Tejada
#TR15 Hank Greenberg
#TR19 Cal Ripken, Jr.
#TR21 Johnny Bench
#TR25 Ernie Banks
#TR31 Mel Ott
#TR51 Torii Hunter
#TR66 Nelson Cruz
#TR69 Brooks Robinson
I bought a lot of 2010 Update, but not much of Series 1 and 2, so I'm still rather far from completing the 100 cards from those series. After these are added into my collection, I believe I will still need 74 more. However, for the 50 from Update, numbered 101-150, I only need 17 more.

2010 Topps - Turkey Red
#TR73 Chad Billingsley
#TR75 B.J. Upton
#TR79 Raul Ibanez
#TR86 Billy Butler
#TR88 Eddie Mathews
#TR95 Ty Cobb
#TR135 Orlando Cepeda
#TR144 Cy Young
2009 Topps - Turkey Red
#TR6 Ian Kinsler
Jeff threw in a few extras for me, including the 2009 Turkey Red card. I was surprised to find I didn't actually have any of those yet. Maybe that'll spur me on to collect that year's set too.

1992 Fleer Ultra #570 Donovan Osbourne
1992 Triple Play #118 Jose Oquendo
1993 Pinnacle #174 Geronimo Pena
2009 Topps Updates and Highlights #UH327 Julio Lugo
Speaking of extras, here are some Cardinals Jeff was nice enough to add into the package. And, I've still got a few more of these to scan and post for next time.


eBay Wins #160

Today's eBay win is one lonely penny card from 1993 Upper Deck. I've got a pile with a bunch of cards with only 1 or 2 from any given set in my eBay pile, so maybe I'll start combining more than one set at a time soon.

1993 Upper Deck #724 Greg W. Harris
There were two Greg Harris's in baseball, and both were playing in 1993. Greg W. played for the Padres, and Greg A. played for the Red Sox. Both of them finished playing after 1995, though Greg W. is over 8 years younger. I can sympathize with these guys, as my high school class of only about 150 people had another person who shared my first and last name. Worse still, our middle initials rhymed, so when one of us was called over the ancient fuzzy PA system to come to the office, we'd both have to go and sort out which one was needed when we got there. Thanks to that experience, I picked up a habit of putting my middle initial on everything, which I still do to this day

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3261
Total Spent$51.11
Per Card1.567 cents
Change0 cents


Donuts from Johnny's Trading Spot, Part VI

Several weeks ago, I read a post at Johnny's Trading Spot titled Instant mini collections up for grabs. "Up for Grabs" always gets my attention, so I threw my name into the mix. They were supposed to be randomly assigned, but through a lucky draw and one trade, each of the winners wound up with exactly what they originally wanted most. For me, that was cards with batting donuts.


Last one!
1977 Topps #126 Rod Gilbreath
1979 Topps #165 Frank Taveras
1981 Fleer #545 Keith Hernandez
1981 Topps
#319 Rowland Office
#445 Ellis Valentine
#465 Bill Russell
#558 Barry Bonnell
#723 Bruce Bochte
1982 Fleer #209 Chris Speier
These cards were all "First Row" cards in my collection. I keep my cards stored in bpxes with 3 rows each, sorted by year and set. I always take notice when I acquire a card that is old enough to go in the first row. Right now that's anything 1984 or earlier, though 1984 Topps is getting close to being pushed into row 2. So, in total I've got 12 first row cards here.

1984 Donruss #285 Greg Gross
1984 Fleer #20 John Shelby
1984 Fleer #299 Tim Flannery
1985 Topps #496 Donnie Scott
1985 Topps #647 Rafael Ramirez
1986 Donruss #401 Terry Francona
1986 Fleer #270 Rich Dauer
1986 Fleer #278 Fred Lynn
Thanks again to Johnny's Trading Spot for the kickstart to my batting donut collection.


Donuts from Johnny's Trading Spot, Part V

Several weeks ago, I read a post at Johnny's Trading Spot titled Instant mini collections up for grabs. "Up for Grabs" always gets my attention, so I threw my name into the mix. They were supposed to be randomly assigned, but through a lucky draw and one trade, each of the winners wound up with exactly what they originally wanted most. For me, that was cards with batting donuts.


Sunday's a good Donut Day, too.

1986 Topps
#25 Willie Wilson
#62 Bob Boone
#128 John Wathan
#271 Dave Collins
#407 Sal Butera
#740 Lance Parrish
With just a bit more cropping, Lance Parrish's card would never have been in this donut collection.

1988 Fleer League Leaders #8 Eric Davis
1988 Topps
#67 Ken Oberkfell
#466 Jerry Mumphrey
1989 Topps
#19 Greg Gagne
#53 Ruben Sierra
#356 Kevin Elster
#553 Luis Salazar
#577 Randy Bush

1989 Upper Deck
#53 Steve Sax
#329 Danny Tartabull
#485 Brian Downing
#522 Juan Castillo
#527 Donnie Hill
#750 Ray Quinones
1989 Upper Deck feels like one of those historic sets that I should complete. These will put me a little closer, but I still only have about 30 unique cards from the set.


Donuts from Johnny's Trading Spot, Part IV

Several weeks ago, I read a post at Johnny's Trading Spot titled Instant mini collections up for grabs. "Up for Grabs" always gets my attention, so I threw my name into the mix. They were supposed to be randomly assigned, but through a lucky draw and one trade, each of the winners wound up with exactly what they originally wanted most. For me, that was cards with batting donuts.


Shouldn't Friday always be Donut Day?

1990 Fleer
#292 Steve Buechele
#301 Pete Incaviglia
#559 Von Hayes
#560 Tom Herr
1990 Topps
#143 Rafael Belliard
#325 Robby Thompson
1990 Topps Traded
#65T Candy Maldonado
#85T Junior Ortiz
I've never heard whether there's any sort of interesting story behind it, but for some reason 1990's Tom Herr was 1987's Tommy Herr.

1987 Donruss
#140 Tommy Herr
#169 Keith Moreland
#183 Terry Pendleton
#485 Bob Brenly
#622 Dave Henderson
1989 Donruss
#309 Rafael Santana
#346 Mickey Hatcher
#355 Gene Larkin
#484 Wallace Johnson
It still fills me with cognitive dissonance that Terry Pendleton was a Cardinal longer than a member of the Atlanta Braves. I started watching baseball in 1992, so I never saw him play for us firsthand, and I didn't find out that he did until years later.

1990 Upper Deck
#86 Neal Heaton
#148 Ernie Whitt
#232 Ron Gant
#240 John Moses
#289 Eddie Williams
#298 Mike Scioscia
#306 Mike Heath
#419 Tim Laudner
1990 Upper Deck was clearly big on the donut photo on the back of the card, favoring action shots for the most part on the front.

1990 Bowman #332 Jerry Browne
1989 Fleer #219 R.J. Reynolds
1989 Fleer #573 Steve Jeltz
1990 Donruss #456 Glenn Braggs
1990 Donruss #798 Chris James
1991 Leaf #36 Spike Owen.


Donuts from Johnny's Trading Spot, Part III

Several weeks ago, I read a post at Johnny's Trading Spot titled Instant mini collections up for grabs. "Up for Grabs" always gets my attention, so I threw my name into the mix. They were supposed to be randomly assigned, but through a lucky draw and one trade, each of the winners wound up with exactly what they originally wanted most. For me, that was cards with batting donuts.

Part I II

It's a busy week for me. So, let's just see some more donuts, featuring 3 Cardinals this time, though all in other uniforms.

1991 Topps
#139 Jeff Treadway
#604 Billy Hatcher
#726 Phil Stephenson
#781 Darryl Hamilton
1991 Fleer #75 Joe Oliver
1991 Upper Deck
#3 D. J. Dozier
#291 Joey Cora
#340 Larry Sheets
#502 Bob Boone
Bob Boone doesn't look nearly old enough on this 1991 card to be the father of Bret Boone, on the 1992 card below.

1991 Upper Deck
#560 Chris Gwynn
#675 Hensley Meulens
#754 Tony Fernandez
1992 Upper Deck
#121 Hal Morris
#327 Kevin Seitzer
#771 Bret Boone
#737 Dan Gladden
1992 Topps
#333 Pat Tabler
#647 Marquis Grissom

1991 Donruss
#80 Kevin Reimer
#109 Ken Oberkfell
#253 Glenn Braggs
#255 Kevin Mitchell
#445 Kirk Gibson
#530 John Olerud
1992 Donruss #759 Dave Anderson
1992 Triple Play #24 Reggie Jefferson
1992 Fleer Ultra #279 Thomas Howard
Ken Oberkfell and Thomas Howard are the two Cardinals in this bunch, along with Royce Clayton below. The Howard card has a sneaky donut on it, on the bat of the player on deck.

1992 Leaf #272 Royce Clayton


Donuts from Johnny's Trading Spot, Part II

Several weeks ago, I read a post at Johnny's Trading Spot titled Instant mini collections up for grabs. "Up for Grabs" always gets my attention, so I threw my name into the mix. They were supposed to be randomly assigned, but through a lucky draw and one trade, each of the winners wound up with exactly what they originally wanted most. For me, that was cards with batting donuts.

Part I

I don't have much time to write much today, so just enjoy these donuts, along with an inordinately large number of Dan Walters cards.

1994 Score
#478 Jeff Gardner
#556 Darrell Whitmore
1998 Score Rookie/Traded #RT165 Matt Williams
1995 Collector's Choice Special Edition
#31 Chili Davis
#77 Ray Lankford
#111 Robby Thompson

1993 Topps
#85 Sandy Alomar
#273 Dan Walters
#318 Willie Wilson
#324 Willie Randolph
#326 Gary Varsho
1993 Topps - Gold
#85 Sandy Alomar
#318 Willie Wilson
1993 Stadium Club #175 Dan Walters
1993 Upper Deck #632 Chris Gwynn

1994 Score #60 Lenny Dykstra
1995 Stadium Club Members Only #46 Manny Ramirez
1993 Upper Deck #172 Dan Walters
1995 Studio - Gold Series #44 Lenny Dykstra


Donuts from Johnny's Trading Spot

Several weeks ago, I read a post at Johnny's Trading Spot titled Instant mini collections up for grabs. "Up for Grabs" always gets my attention, so I threw my name into the mix. They were supposed to be randomly assigned, but through a lucky draw and one trade, each of the winners wound up with exactly what they originally wanted most. For me, that was cards with batting donuts.

In a lot of the photos, I wouldn't have even noticed the donut right away. Luckily the ones featuring a donut only on the back side were flipped appropriately when they arrived.

1998 Fleer Tradition #169 Ray Lankford
1998 Fleer Tradition #234 Bobby Higginson
1998 Fleer Ultra #267 FP Santangelo
1999 Skybox Thunder - Rant #191 Bobby Higginson
1999 Skybox Metal Universe #87 Bobby Higginson
2000 Upper Deck Victory #122 Todd Hollandsworth
2003 Topps #175 Terrence Long
2006 Upper Deck #192 Jeff Conine
2009 Topps #331 Luke Scott
1996 Fleer Ultra #463 Hal Morris
1997 Donruss #29 Rondell White
I've got more to scan and post. I like to sort things logically, so I split them up by year. These are the latest cards from the package, and I've got about another 20 years backwards to cover.