eBay Wins #203

Today I continue to sort through my eBay wins with 12 cards from 1985. 11 of them are from Topps flagship, but 11 doesn't divide up nicely and scan well, so I added in Lou Brock at the end there, also from 1985. I can't find a lot of info about that "Collector's Series" set, except that Zistle claims it came from Woolworth's. I now have 2 cards from that set, and both are Lou Brock.

1985 Topps
#36 Fred Breining
#102 Tom Dunbar
#103 Randy Lerch
#105 Ron Kittle
#216 Jerry Don Gleaton
#283 Fran Mullins
Of the other 11 players shown, only Bill Dawley played for the Cardinals, in 1987. They made it to the World Series that year, but he had no postseason appearances.

1985 Topps
#364 Richard Dotson
#487 Frank Williams
#592 Jeff Robinson
#634 Bill Dawley
#696 John Rabb
1985 Topps Collector's Series #5 Lou Brock
I only had 37 unique cards from 1985 Topps before this pile, and none of these are duplicates (except for Brock as I mentioned). For any of you who still need someone to do the math for you, now I've got 48, just over 6% of the 792 card set.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3405
Total Spent$52.52
Per Card1.542 cents
Change-0.002 cents

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