Zistle Trade #22

As I've said before, my Zistle trades always seem to come in bunches. Here's the second in a rapid-fire group of 3 that were proposed to me.

2010 Topps - Peak Performance #PP-46 Rogers Hornsby
This card covers an interesting Cardinals fact I didn't know before, which is increasingly rare. Rogers Hornsby won the "1920s Triple Crown", that is, his 10-year totals for 1920-29 were better than anyone else in Home Runs, Batting Average, and RBIs. Another Cardinal, Albert Pujols, completed the feat for 2000-2009. The other two players to do so were Honus Wagner in the 1900s, and Ted Williams in the 1940s. Hornsby and Williams both won 2 single-season triple crowns during their decades of dominance, letting them slack off a little the other 8 years.

2011 Topps - Kimball Champions
#KC-41 Pablo Sandoval
#KC-45 David Ortiz
#KC-49 Jose Bautista
The end of 2010 was when I started collecting cards in earnest again, so 2011 was the first time I got to get excited about new set released. I immediately took a liking to the Kimball Champions set, and added them all to my want list. I haven't gotten very far, but this took 3 more off the list. After these three, all from Series 1, I still need 26/50 from Series 1, 44/50 from Series 2, and 45/50 from Update.

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