Super Bowl LVI Projection, Wildcard Sunday

Buffalo over Tampa Bay

Of the three games yesterday, there were 2 wins by favorites, but the upset took out my projected NFC winner. Kansas City took awhile to get going but took care of Pittsburgh as expected, and Tampa Bay didn't let Philadelphia score until the 4th Quarter down 31-0, so there was no real drama about a comeback. Dallas fell behind to San Francisco early, got within 6, but didn't have quite enough time to finish their comeback drive. Some blame the referee for not spotting the ball fast enough after the final play. If Dallas had another second or two they would have spiked the ball and taken a reasonable shot at the endzone. There always seems to be some controversial rules issue like this in the wildcard round that feels like it will lead to an offseason review of the rules, but unless it happens in the Conference Championships or later, everyone sort of forgets about it. Everyone forgets except for the team on the losing side of it, of course.

There's just one game left this round. (I wanted to say "weekend" there, but you can't include Monday night in a weekend in any context, not even a holiday).

Arizona at Los Angeles (51%)
This is the closest game of the Wildcard round, at least on paper, with LA just barely favored. Maybe that's why it got featured in the first ever Monday playoff game. Both of these teams abandoned St. Louis, so I guess I'll call that part a tie, even though I personally have no memory of the St. Louis Football Cardinals. The division rivals split their regular season games, so there's no 3-win sweep to root for. I suppose I'll root for LA, and the 3 remaining St. Louis Rams, Johnny Hekker, Aaron Donald, and Rob Havenstein.


First to 99% chance of Playoffs: Arizona (Week 7, Sunday)
First to 99.9% chance of Playoffs: Arizona (Week 11, Sunday)
First to 99.999% chance of Playoffs: Arizona (Week 13, Sunday)
First to clinch a Division: Green Bay (Week 15, Sunday)
First to clinch a Bye: Green Bay (Week 17, Sunday)

First team eliminated from a division: Detroit (Week 11, Sunday)
First teams eliminated from the playoffs: Jacksonville, Houston (Week 13, Sunday)

[Week 1] Philadelphia over Houston
[Week 2, Thursday] Philadelphia over Houston
[Week 2, Sunday] Denver over Carolina
[Week 2, Final] Denver over Carolina
[Week 3, Thursday] Carolina over Denver
[Week 3, Sunday] Denver over Carolina
[Week 3, Final] Denver over Carolina
[Week 4, Thursday] Denver over Carolina
[Week 4, Sunday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 4, Final] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 5, Thursday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 5, Sunday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 5, Final] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 6, Thursday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 6, Sunday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 6, Final] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 7, Thursday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 7, Sunday] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 7, Final] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 8, Thursday] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 8, Sunday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 8, Final] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 9, Thursday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 9, Sunday] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 9, Final] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 10, Thursday] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 10, Sunday] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 10, Final] Buffalo over Arizona
[Week 11, Thursday] New England over Arizona
[Week 11, Sunday] New England over Arizona
[Week 11, Final] New England over Arizona
[Week 12, Thursday] Arizona over Buffalo
[Week 12, Sunday] New England over Arizona
[Week 12, Final] New England over Arizona
[Week 13, Thursday] New England over Arizona
[Week 13, Sunday] New England over Arizona
[Week 13, Final] New England over Arizona
[Week 14, Thursday] New England over Arizona
[Week 14, Sunday] New England over Arizona
[Week 14, Final] New England over Tampa Bay
[Week 15, Thursday] New England over Tampa Bay
[Week 15, Saturday] New England over Tampa Bay
[Week 15, Sunday] New England over Dallas
[Week 15, Monday] New England over Dallas
[Week 15, Final] New England over Dallas
[Week 16, Thursday] New England over Dallas
[Week 16, Saturday] New England over Dallas
[Week 16, Sunday] Buffalo over Dallas
[Week 16, Final] Buffalo over Dallas
[Week 17, Sunday] Buffalo over Green Bay
[Week 17, Final] Buffalo over Green Bay
[Week 18, Saturday] Buffalo over Dallas
[Week 18, Final] Buffalo over Dallas
[Wildcard Saturday] Buffalo over Dallas

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