Superbowl XLVII Projection, Championship Week

San Francisco over Baltimore

I gave New England over a 75% chance of winning, but they couldn't knock the Ravens out of the Superbowl 2 years in a row. San Francisco was a 52% favorite, but on the road that small margin could be meaningless. However, they pulled it out against Atlanta even after trailing. Those fans will learn a hard lesson to be loud on defense, even up 17-0. Once again, I was rooting for all the teams that lost, although I did hedge a bit and say in the event of Jim Harbaugh's 49ers winning (which came first), I would at least find John Harbaugh's Ravens as his opponent an interesting story line.

I've got San Francisco as nearly a 2 to 1 favorite to win this game, so place your bets accordingly. Since all my rooting interests keep losing, I'll have to swap alliances again. This time I'll go with the 49ers. At least then, the Rams can say they went 1-0-1 against the eventual Superbowl Champions, right?


First to 10% Chance of Superbowl win: Houston (Week 2, Sunday)
First to 20% Chance of Superbowl win: Houston (Week 7, Sunday)
First to 25% Chance of Superbowl win: New England (Week 17)

First to 80% Chance of Playoffs: Houston (Week 2, Sunday)
First to 90% Chance of Playoffs: Houston, Atlanta (Week 4, Sunday)
First to 99% Chance of Playoffs: Houston (Week 7, Sunday)
First to 99.9% Chance of Playoffs: Houston (Week 10, Sunday)
First to 99.99% Chance of Playoffs: Houston (Week 11, Sunday)
First to 99.999% Chance of Playoffs: Houston (Week 12, Thursday)
First to clinch a playoff berth: New England, Houston, Denver, Atlanta (Week 13, Sunday)
First to clinch a first round bye: Atlanta (Week 16, Saturday)

First team eliminated: Kansas City (Week 12, Sunday)

[Week 1]
[Week 2, Thursday]
[Week 2, Sunday]
[Week 2, Final]
[Week 3, Thursday]
[Week 3, Sunday]
[Week 3, Final]
[Week 4, Thursday]
[Week 4, Sunday]
[Week 4, Final]
[Week 5, Thursday]
[Week 5, Sunday]
[Week 5, Final]
[Week 6, Thursday]
[Week 6, Sunday]
[Week 6, Final]
[Week 7, Thursday]
[Week 7, Sunday]
[Week 7, Final]
[Week 8, Thursday]
[Week 8, Sunday]
[Week 8, Final]
[Week 9, Thursday]
[Week 9, Sunday]
[Week 9, Final]
[Week 10, Thursday]
[Week 10, Sunday]
[Week 10, Final]
[Week 11, Thursday]
[Week 11, Sunday]
[Week 11, Final]
[Week 12, Thursday]
[Week 12, Sunday]
[Week 12, Final]
[Week 13, Thursday]
[Week 13, Sunday]
[Week 13, Final]
[Week 14, Thursday]
[Week 14, Sunday]
[Week 14, Final]
[Week 15, Thursday]
[Week 15, Sunday]
[Week 15, Final]
[Week 16, Saturday]
[Week 16, Final]
[Week 17]
[Wildcard Saturday]
[Wildcard Sunday]
[Divisional Saturday]
[Divisional Sunday]

1 comment:

  1. I think a better storyline would have been Ray Lewis vs. Tony Gonzalez. Two future HOFers in their last game...who can win the big one?

    Normally I would appreciate the 49ers as well, but I am still pissed about the way they treated Alex Smith. It was fine to replace him, but don't do it because he admitted to a concussion. And don't beat around the bush like Harbaugh did.

    Oh well, at least the game is worth watching this year unlike the previous two years.