eBay Wins #53

For some reason there were 2 auctions up for 2 copies of each of these cards. It never hurts to have one to trade, I guess, especially since I won these for a grand total of 2 cents.

1998 Upper Deck #279 Adam Riggs
I've noticed that Bowman commons can be had cheaply on eBay after a few years, because the guys who didn't become stars are often not even interesting to any team collectors. I'd guess the same thing is at play with the Riggs card, since he managed just 61 games over 4 seasons, including the 9 in 1997 that likely got him on this card.
1998 Upper Deck #277 David Dellucci
As for why legitimate MLB journeyman David Dellucci's cards were half a cent each, I'd guess it's partially because he was taken by the Diamondbacks for 1998, but shown as an Oriole here. In fact, I didn't notice until writing this post that this is a Diamondbacks card. Kudos for Upper Deck for not trying some ridiculous airbrushing to get him into the purple and turquoise. Purple and Turquoise: Oh, how I miss the 1990s.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2070
Total Spent$39.17
Per Card1.892 cents

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