eBay Wins #52

Today's win is another penny card no one else was paying attention to on eBay.

1995 Collector's Choice #52 Dante Bichette
Since Dante played in the AL until the Rockies started play, and my baseball world as a kid consisted of the things that happened in Cardinals games, I only remember him as a Colorado Rockies player. He always seemed to be destroying the Cardinals, although a lot of players were from 1992 to 1995 in retrospect. Still, I remember thinking of him as a future Hall-of-Famer, but that didn't quite pan out. He did get 3 votes on the 2007 ballot, which is better than many guys at the bottom of the ballots can say.

Also - and here's some kid logic for you - his last name allllmost had a naughty word in it, yet I could say it out loud with no fear of retribution, so I almost wonder if that made my friends and I talk about him more than some other guys.

With this addition, I now have 7 of the 670 cards in the 1994 Collector's Choice set, so I've cracked 1%. You've got to celebrate the little things, right?

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2066
Total Spent$39.15
Per Card1.895 cents

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