Updated Trade and Want Lists, part II

In my last post, I detailed how I process my Zistle.com lists to generate have, want, and duplicate lists you can view all on one page.  That last post also yielded me half a trade from the very generous Dimwit.  I say half a trade because I still owe him his side.

I'm now up to 2 3000-count boxes that have been fully cataloged.  There are 4598 cards in these two boxes, so my packing rate has gotten a bit better.  Also I don't think they're in there as tight as when I only had one box done.  See that long strip of red cards?  Can you guess which set that is?

If you said 1990 Donruss, you're right.  I bought a few boxes back in the late 90s because they were cheap, and I never did complete the set.  But, the rest of them are on my want list.

Want List - You know what to do
Trade List - Or more properly, Duplicates List
Have List - If you see something on here you want, I might be willing to trade it, but I offer no guarantees.

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