eBay Wins #10

This is the first Allen and Ginter I actually bought.  I think I got it just because I like to have a little of everything, and also, I like minis:
2011 Allen and Ginter Mini Black #239 Brett Myers

It even came with a mini-sized toploader that I'll probably repurpose for whenever I get a SP or relic mini from some set in the future.  Also, the seller was kind enough to send along this:
2010 Topps #384 Chris Johnson

It's just a Topps flagship, but this wasn't part of the auction, and I won it at (I think) a pretty low price, so it was quite nice of the seller to throw in any bonus at all.  That's much more of a blogger-trader thing to do.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought125
Total Spent$3.50
Per Card2.80 cents

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