Christmas 2011 Gifts

I just thought I'd share the sports related gifts I received for Christmas this year. First, two surprises

Rally Squirrel Long Sleeved T-Shirt
I didn't really jump on the Rally Squirrel movement, though I really enjoyed how there were plenty of cheap shirts to be had, since MLB didn't own "Rally Squirrel". Lots of people sold red shirts with squirrels and baseball-related items on it and no mention of any trademarked terms. Apparently MLB did put a shirt out anyway, and now I have one. I don't think I would have picked this out for myself, but I'll definitely wear it. It's a nice long-sleeved one too, good for those cold October night games.

2011 World Series Collector's Edition 8 DVD set
This is pretty cool, and I wasn't even aware it was available for purchase. I can now rewatch all 7 games along with the retrospective DVD with the highlights. In 2006, a friend and I actually went through the trouble of cropping the commercials out of some of the playoff games on his DVR, but we never got around to burning our creations to a DVD set. This should be good for the sporting lull between the Super Bowl and Opening Day.

Cardinals Road Cap with 2011 World Series Patch
I actually asked for all 3 caps from separate members of my family I knew would be giving me gifts (yes, even the Sunday cap that didn't get worn in the Series) but only wound up with the Road hat. I'm not sure why, I usually love when people tell me exactly what they want. No matter though, I now have proof to future generations we made the 2011 World Series.

2011 Topps World Series Champions Set
My return to card-collecting is still rather new to my family, but my wife is well aware of it due to the space I'm currently taking up in the basement getting it organized. Even so, she humored me when I spotted this set during our last minute shopping with about a week to go. I think the iconic image on the top card of Freese about to throw down his helmet cinched it for me. When she returned to Target to pick it up, there were only two left, and she grabbed one for me, and one for my nephew. I didn't think to ask who would have gotten the set if there was only one.

So, did you get any holiday gifts that us sports fans and sports card fans would enjoy? Let me know in the comments, or even feel free to link your own post.


  1. My girlfriend got me a blaster of 2011 Topps Update that had numerous Astros cards in it for me. She also bought me a Texans coozie that you can freeze to keep it cold and a Texans AFC South division champions sticker and shirt.

    My sister bought me a Target gift card since she didn't know which blaster I wanted. Picked up a 2011 Bowman Chrome blaster with meh results.

  2. Btw, I love all your pickups you got. That Rally Squirrel shirt is just awesome.

  3. Ahhhh I need that World Series card set! That's amazing. I bought the 2006 DVD collector's edition set a couple of years after it was out at a deeply discounted price. I'm hoping to do the same with the 2011 set since I can't afford it right now.