2014 World Series Projection, October 16

San Francisco over Kansas City

World Series
TBD 0-0 KC

League Championship Series
KC 4-0 BAL
STL 1-3 SF

Division Series
KC 3-0 LAA
SF 3-1 WAS

Wildcard Round
OAK 0-1 KC
SF 1-0 PIT

SF0.5363 89.2447.95
STL0.511910.76 5.20

Kansas City just looks unstoppable right now, and they finished off Baltimore in a 4-game sweep. The Giants also appear too tough for this year's Cardinals, but there's still (hopefully) 3 games to play.

So far KC is 8-0 this postseason. No team has ever gone 12-0 in the postseason, which is a silly thing to say, because there has only been the opportunity to even play 12 games for 2 previous years. Still, if San Francisco beats St. Louis, and we have another all-wildcard World Series, someone will set a record with 12 postseason wins. If a division winner wins the World Series, they only need 11 wins, due to their lack of a Wild Card play-in game. The only other time the wildcard vs. wildcard series happened - Anaheim over San Francisco in 2002 - there was no play-in game, so the Angels won 11 just like any other team would have.

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