2010 Upper Deck Value Pack

When taking another look through Target's $1.59 pack box, where I found my last 3 2006 Topps packs, I found a 2010 Upper Deck. Since I won some 2010 UD not once but twice from Number 5 Type Collection, I decided I'd go ahead and pick up the pack. Here's what I found.

2010 Upper Deck #282 Jeff Weaver
I mostly remember Weaver for kicking a batted ball while pitching in the World Series, because the following Sunday I pulled almost the same move (on accident) while pitching in slow pitch softball.

2010 Upper Deck - Season Biography #SB-96 Tim Lincecum

2010 Upper Deck - Supreme Green #S-11 Mark Buehrle
Buehrle grew up in the St. Louis area, and long talked about finishing up with the Cardinals, but that seems unlikely after he signed his contract with Miami this year. My dad actually worked with his uncle for awhile, and so I'd get to hear about his progress through the minors, even in the days before obsessive team bloggers and 3 or 4 ESPNs to cover every detail.

And here are all the base cards contained in the pack.
34 Matt Garza
97 Jed Lowrie
126 Carlos Quentin
144 Laynce Nix
146 Joey Votto
167 Kerry Wood
232 Wesley Wright
282 Jeff Weaver
358 Rajai Davis
393 Ramon Vazquez
408 Tony Gwynn (Jr.)
410 Edgar Gonzalez
454 Felix Hernandez
479 Gabe Gross
537 Ross Detwiler
594 San Francisco Checklist

18 cards for $1.59 wasn't bad, even if almost every pitcher is shot like Weaver above, to obscure the logos. Although, I'm surprised Upper Deck got away with as much as they did being unlicensed in 2010, like the SOX and SF logos on Buehrle's and Lincecum's hats.

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