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Josh at Royals and Randoms had a draft-style contest called Big Pile way back in late 2011, and I misplaced the envelope until this week.

2011 Topps #212 Pedro Feliz
You don't see a lot of guys wearing #77 on cards.

2007 Fleer Ultra #152 Adam Wainwright
Fun fact: Adam Wainwright is on my fantasy baseball team this year, and threw a Complete Game Shutout this week. We have both CG and SHO as categories, and 1 will usually win it for you for the week. I forgot to put him in, and left him on the bench. D'oh!

2006 Bowman #183 Mark Mulder
The Dan Haren-Mark Mulder trade was really unwise in retrospect. It made me nervous at the time, but I thought we'd get a few solid years of All-Star pitching. Of course, I'd be a heck of a GM with the benefit of hindsight in all trades.

2006 Bowman #44 Chris Carpenter
Come back, Chris!
2001 Bowman Heritage #17 Jim Edmonds
I like the Black and White look of this card, and all things Heritage, so I had to draft this Edmonds.

2009 O-Pee-Chee #579 David Freese
As he's the reigning World Series (and NLCS) MVP, I'll consider this the best card of the bunch. Hopefully he's got a lot of his career story left to write, though.

That's it for the Big Pile. A big thanks to Josh for giving away 360 or so cards to 12 lucky readers.

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