2006 Topps Value Pack

By now you've seen some other blogs about the old packs of 2006 Topps showing up at Target for $1.59 each. I went to all 3 of them near my home and work, and came away with a total of 1 pack. Nothing blogworthy, right? Wrong! There are 3 mystery Vintage cards within. I can tell the suspense is killing you.
No, I can't wait to open until after I scan
First up, a base card just to remind you what 2006 looked like:
2006 Topps #511 Dmitri Young

And now the obligatory Gold Parallel, which is actually somewhat rare at 1:6 packs.
2006 Topps - Gold Parallel #564 Yorvit Torrealba #0873/2006
Now, the mystery cards
1988 Topps #271 Ken Gerhart

Ooooh, 1988...

1989 Topps #695 Carlton Fisk
It's a 1989, but at least it's a Hall of Famer

1990 Topps #480 Sid Fernandez
And an uninspiring finish.

Those 3 cards actually showed up in that order. Seeing an '88 common on top I felt sure a '79 to '83 or so would be lurking somewhere beneath. Oh well, I bought the pack without expectations, and at least now I have a few 2006s, since those fell during my lull in collecting.

Here's the full list of 2006 base for completeness
338 Livan Hernandez
383 Russ Ortiz
391 Casey Blake
423 David Ortiz
468 Johan Santana
483 Jose Guillen
495 Adrian Beltre
506 Michael Cuddyer
511 Dmitri Young
527 Jose Vidro
580 Frank Thomas
582 Francisco Rodriguez
584 Jorge Sosa
604 Washington Nationals
630 Ronny Paulino
645 Paul Maholm
653 Prince Fielder/Rickie Weeks
Series Two Checklist 2 of 3

It's nice to get the advertised number in real cards, without cheaper filler couting against the pack total (ahem, 2010 Topps). In total there were 23 pieces of cardboard: the promised 18 2006 cards, 3 vintage cards, plus a checklist and a Topps of the Class ad.


  1. Wow and gas is so expensive too. The Fisk is nice though.

    1. Practically speaking, I didn't make special trips to the 3 stores, as they are each just a few hundred feet off my normal path of travel. But if I hadn't found one at those, I probably would have tried next closest 3 that are further away, and that definitely would have been adding a gallon of gas or two to the cost. And just now I realized how silly it is that there are 6 Targets so close to me.

  2. I'm curious as to why these are showing up all of a sudden. Did someone find cases of them in the back of the gigantic Target warehouse? Although, I haven't seen any in the two Targets near me in Northern NJ.

    1. Last year it was 2008. I was still pretty new in my return to collecting at that point, but I guess they have to do something with all those boxes and packs they haven't sold by the time the next year's product comes out.