Big Pile, part 1

Have you ever set a bubble mailer aside and totally lost track of it, then found it months later? That's what I did with the Big Pile contest at Royals and Randoms. Based on his blog posting about when he sent it out, and being extremely conservative with postal delivery times, I'll say I've had these for a full 4 months. Oops.

Well, I figure I'm better late than never in posting the cards and sending him a big thanks, so here's part 1.

1992 Pinnacle #9 Andy Van Slyke
I don't remember Andy Van Slyke as a Cardinal, but he does to the Fox Sports Midwest studio commentary for the Cardinals now. Of course, his son just helped the Dodgers finish off a sweep of us the other night with a late-inning pinch hit HR.

2005 Topps Chrome #16 Chad Tracy
Oooh, shiny.
2000 Fleer Twizzlers #8 Sammy Sosa
At first I thought this was a Fleer Tradition card, but the back is numbered 8 of 12 and has a subtle Twizzlers logo.
2010 Allen and Ginter #235 Carlos Guillen

2009 Goudy #85 Alex Gordon

2007 Turkey Red #29 Alex Gordon
I'm no Alex Gordon fan per se, I just happen to really like both Turkey Red and Goudey.

1990 Topps Mini League Leaders #56 Mike Scott

1990 Topps Mini League Leaders #47 John Smoltz
Former Cardinal John Smoltz, I don't care if it was only 7 appearances, that's what he'll always be to me.

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  1. Ha ha! Glad you pulled these out from the abyss!!! :-)