Number 5 Type Collection's Cardinals Giveaway, Part 4

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Matt at Number 5 Type Collection gave me way too many Cardinals in a recent contest. Here's part 4:

1983 Louisville Redbirds Riley's #5 Gene Roof
I've never heard of Gene Roof. Apparently he played a total of 48 games over 3 years with St. Louis and Montreal. I may have to track down more of this set though; it's kind of cool looking and should have some other players I'd know.

2010 Upper Deck #471 Jason Motte

2010 Upper Deck #459 Ryan Ludwick
I wished we'd kept Ludwick at the time, though I suppose a World Series win in 2011 means we did something right along the way.

On to the big guns:
2007 Topps #302 Scott Rolen Gold Glove Award

2007 Topps #39 Jim Edmonds

2008 Topps Opening Day #82 Jim Edmonds

2008 Topps Opening Day #50 Albert Pujols

2007 Fleer Ultra - Swing Kings #SK-AP Albert Pujols
And this was one of the big cards promised in the original post. Of course, Pujols was still a Cardinal at the time. I think on some level his leaving hasn't quite hit me yet, because I haven't seen him play in an Angels uniform (yes, I saw the press conference). For now, I'm still collecting his cards, and still feel that extra thrill of doing well when I pull one. Plus this card's extra shiny and part of one of the flashiest sets ever, Fleer Ultra.

One more post tomorrow.

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