2006 Topps Value Pack #3

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Oddly enough, on another trip to Kansas City, I found yet another 2006 Topps pack at Target in the $1.59 bin. Here's the good stuff:

2006 Topps #461 Placido Polanco
 Wait a minute, this looks familiar.

2006 Topps #452 Jake Westbrook
So does this one.

2006 Topps #449 Jason LaRue
There we go, one that wasn't in that last pack. I was starting to worry. 

2006 Topps - Mantle Homerun History #MHR2
 This is a decent looking card, but it appears all of them in the set look the same on the front except the number in the upper left.

2006 Topps - Opening Day Team vs Team #OD-BP Brewers vs Pirates
When I saw this I thought  maybe there wasn't an Opening Day set for 2006, but there is. 

If you recall, these packs had 3 Vintage cards in them, so far all from 1985-90 for me
1989 Topps #253 Jose Alvarez
I've got the 1989 set, so this will go in the trade list.

1986 Topps #266 Keith Moreland
 1986 is just old enough to not be part of the overproduction era, I think. At least, I don't have a ton of these sitting around.

1986 Topps #205 Tony Perez
There we go, a Hall-of-Famer. I'm glad to see one guy I recognize among the 80s cards. 

Here is the full base card listing:
344 Doug Davis
354 Grady Sizemore
356 Luis Matos
363 Jermaine Dye
429 Francisco Cordero
432 Brett Myers
436 Keith Foulke
449 Jason LaRue
452 Jake Westbrook
454 Bobby Jenks
461 Placido Polanco
469 Josh Willingham
569 Mike Jacobs
580 Frank Thomas
610 Cincinnati Reds
651 Jose Reyes/Kaz Matsui
Series 2 Checklist 2 of 3

I really wonder how much longer I'll keep finding single packs of the product at Target. I like what I've been getting, so I'll keep picking them up.

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