Another Autographed Ball

Inspired by this post from the lost collector, I decided to send a letter to Commissioner Rob Manfred to ask for an autographed ball. I wrote a real letter, and gave him some feedback on some of the changes he's been implementing, hoping that maybe I'd get some sort of reply. I complimented his efforts to grow the fanbase of the game, but told him I thought the automatic intentional walk was a bad idea, citing Tony Pena, who has twice faked an intentional walk on a full count and tricked the batter into a strikeout. But, when my padded envelope came in the mail, there was no reply, except for this baseball with a nice clear signature.

Robert D. Manfred, Jr.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool! For the record I'm good with the auto walk. Theoretically we can walk through walls but I'd put my hand outs before I got to one.