eBay Wins #191

I've looped back around to old cards with this eBay post. Perhaps a quick explanation is in order.

I won many eBay auctions for penny cards, which I was detailing one lot at a time. Eventually, I was having trouble keeping track, so I threw every penny card into the same box, and sorted it by year and set. The ones that cost different amounts were kept separate so they could be accounted for properly. Then, rather that posting an auction win at a time, I just went through the penny cards one set at a time. I started with the oldest cards, and added new wins to the box as they came in, if they were newer than my most recent eBay post. So now, I'm back to the ones that came in just a bit too late to make the last post of the set, such as these 1986s that came in some time after eBay Wins #123. The stack is much shorter now, so it shouldn't take me over a year to get back to present day.

1986 Topps
#127 Jack Howell
#197 Enos Cabell
Neither of these guys were ever Cardinals, but the cards are both new to my collection, which is a high enough bar to make any penny card worth it. These cards bring my 1986 set up to 129 unique cards.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3364
Total Spent$52.14
Per Card1.55 cents
Change0 cents

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