Labor Day Autographs

Thanks to a last second cancellation, a friend of mine had a spare ticket to the Cardinals game versus the Cubs on Labor Day. It was supposed to be a hot day, but the weather turned a bit overcast and we were shaded in our 2nd-row-from-the-top seats for most of the game. But even with the nice weather, the game went bad quickly, with the Cardinals surrendering 8 runs in the first three innings. I did get to see every Cardinals position player get into the game, and a great 5-4-3 double play, from our backup catcher (Tony Cruz) playing third, to our backup 1B/3B (Mark Reynolds) playing second (for the 5th time ever!), to our trade deadline pickup (Brandon Moss) at first.

But the day got better for me, as I traveled to a local mall to an autograph signing featuring Stephen Piscotty and Greg Garcia that evening.

Stephen Piscotty 55
35 Greg Garcia

Piscotty's been heralded as the second coming of Albert Pujols for the last year, so the group there to see him was quite large. There's lots of excitement in St. Louis for him and his future. Garcia didn't have nearly as many people there for his autograph, and in fact since I was near the end of the line with a ticket for each, after about 15 minutes they actually came and got me and bumped me up to the front of the shared line so Greg could get finished.

This brings my autographed ball count up to 16. Soon I'm going to have start organizing them a little better than just stacking them on my shelf.

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