My First Minor League Autograph

I should have waited and posted this autographed ball with the last two, but I had already written that post by the time I was getting this ball. This time I got to meet a true Cardinals prospect, who hasn't even been above AA yet, Alex Reyes. Hopefully he'll make it to the big team and not get traded away, which is always a possibility, especially when if need an extra arm or bat at the trade deadline next year.

Alex Reyes
It's not the most legible signature, but then, neither is mine when I sign a check.

With the Cardinals in the heat of a pennant race, even a AA guy can draw a crowd. I was 62nd in line, if the line ticket numbers are to be believed. I'm sure I'll take a bit more interest in the minor league news for the next year or two as Reyes rises through the system, and eventually gets a September callup.

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  1. Ooh, nice one. Alex Reyes is a pretty notable pitcher who I know a lot of prospect guys are high on.