A Discounted 2012 Topps Rack Pack

This rack pack was 40% off the original price at Walmart, so down to $3 from $5. I picked it up awhile ago, don't think they've suddenly restocked some old packs.

2012 Topps
#342 Kosuke Fukudome
#344 Nelson Cruz
#357 Aaron Harang
364 Brandon Beachy
371 Jim Thome
378 Brandon League
385 David Murphy
422 Austin Jackson
425 Carlos Zambrano

2012 Topps
440 Chien-Ming Wang
465 Michael Schwimer
473 Evan Meek
484 Hisashi Iwakuma
492 Rickie Weeks
497 Andrew McCutchen
500 Alex Rodriguez
506 David Ortiz
514 Brian Roberts

2012 Topps
527 Aaron Hill
543 Josh Johnson
547 Jason Giambi
577 Dallas Braden
580 Tony Campana
607 CC Sabathia
611 Neftali Feliz
618 Eric Chavez
658 Juan Pierre

2012 Topps
247 Craig Gentry
397 Hector Noesi
410 Jeff Locke
460 Thomas Field
591 Aubrey Huff
Career Day #CD-4 Stan Musial
There were no Cardinals base cards in this pack, but it redeemed itself with a nice Stan Musial card, commemorating the day he hit 5 home runs. Those of you with important baseball stats committed to memory probably know the record in a game is 4, but there was a double-header that day, and Stan hit 5, a feat that has only been done one other time since then.

2012 Topps
Gold Sparkle #438 Juan Uribe
1987 Topps Mini #TM-53 Matt Kemp
I'll finish the pack with the other two inserts, a Gold Sparkle Parallel and a 1987 Mini. I had forgotten 2012 was Topps' year of gold, and at first I thought this was a more rare yellow parallel, but that was 2011. As for the 1987 mini, it looks like it really could be from 1987, thanks to the Dodgers uniform consistency through the years. The only think that really gives it away as new is the sharp photo, and of course Matt Kemp.

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