Three Upcoming Contests

And only one is giving me a bonus for promoting it here. For the others I just want you in so I can have the joy of beating more people.

First, there's Cards on Cards' College Bowl Confidence Pick 'em Contest. I finished 2nd last year and showed you every single card I won in a ridiculous number of posts. I'm pretty sure it was 18. Hurry and get your picks in before kickoff of the first bowl on Saturday.

Next is a just a reminder that the 4th Annual Almost the Easiest Super Bowl Contest on the Web at Collector's Crack will be opening after the NFL regular season wraps up next Sunday.

Finally, we have the 1952 Topps Contest - aka, the Steve Garvey Contest - over at Garvey Cey Russell Lopes. He'd like to see plenty of Steve Garvey cards posted on his 65th birthday, Sunday, December 22, and is giving away a 1952 Topps card to one lucky blogger who posts one that day. Since I only have 1 in my collection, I won't spoil the surprise here, and instead I'll give you Steve Harvey for now.

Not Steve Garvey

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  1. Thanks for the promotion! Steve Harvey is a weird looking dude.