A Meta-Contest Win

Maybe this is more of a Contest Meta-Win. Why's that? Because I won third prize in Card Hobbyist's July Contest. The prize wasn't cards, but 3 entries in his August Contest, which I then won. As a result, I won the team of my choice in his 2013 Score Football box break. I chose the Rams, naturally, and here's who showed up.

2013 Score
#174 Lance Kendricks
#176 Isaiah Pead
#177 Daryl Richardson
#178 James Laurinaitis

I got both Rams RBs from the set, but neither of those guys made it very far into the season, especially once Zac Stacy came along. And I love that Lance Kendricks card with him in the throwback uniform.

2013 Score
#172 Sam Bradford
#173 Jared Cook
#175 Chris Givens

I mostly collect baseball cards, so the card of Jared Cook in a Titans uniform caught me off guard. Topps usually edits photos to show the new uniform if the player hasn't yet appeared in it.

2013 Score
Future Franchise #324 Chris Givens
Franchise #292 Sam Bradford
Airmail #246 Sam Bradford

At first I thought that was the same Chris Givens photo, but his left arm is in a slightly different position. The background certainly looks the same, so I'd say these were a fraction of a second apart. I also got 2 more Bradfords.

2013 Score - 2013 Rookies
#428 Tavon Austin
#335 Alec Ogletree

Here we have the Rams 2 first-round picks from the 2013 draft, both of whom have looked very promising so far.

2013 Score - Scorecard Parallel
#172 Sam Bradford

As far as I can tell, this parallel is only different from the original due to the shiny foil "Scorecard" printed on the right side of the photo. But still, another Bradford!

2013 Score - Hot Rookies
#8 Stedman Bailey
#30 Tavon Austin

More rookie cards, but actual insert cards this time. I'd like to know how the 00 photos came about, whether they're posed, manipulated, or there was really some workout where the rookies had double zero jerseys. Here we have our 2 West Virginia wide receivers, Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

Thanks to Patrick from The Card Hobbyist for the contest and the Rams cards.

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