eBay Wins #20

Here's another eBay pickup. This time one seller had several lots of 3 identical 2011 Topps insert cards. I figured the spares would be good for trading as I'm hoping to complete the Kimball Champions set.

2011 Topps - Kimball Champions #KC-30 David Wright
I scanned all 3 just to prove to you I really got 3 I guess. I don't know. I won these with a bid of $0.22.

2011 Topps - CMG Reprints #CMGR-23 Rogers Hornsby
I only scanned one of these, but I did get 3 of them for $0.11.

2011 Topps - Kimball Champions #KC-19 Brandon Morrow
Once again, proof I have 3. I picked these up for $0.31.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought1807
Total Spent$34.00
Per Card1.88 cents

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