Congratulations to the Billikens

I just wanted to take a moment to cheer on my Alma Mater, Saint Louis University.
We're not a major player in college basketball most years, but now and then have flashes of brilliance, most recently when Larry Hughes was here for 1 year. Almost everyone was saying Memphis should have been a 5 or 6 seed instead of their 8th, so this was a real challenge and big win for the 9th seeded Bills.

Unfortunately #2 Missouri lost to #15 Norfolk State, so the slim hopes of everyone in St. Louis of a SLU-Mizzou completely disappear for this year.

And now, my favorite Rick Majerus quote of the day, because he's such a Luddite, from a Bernie Miklasz article.
Thursday, when asked if he imposed rules or guidelines on his players for using Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media, Pastner offered a thoughtful and detailed response. 
Majerus offered a combination of confusion, bewilderment and contempt. 
"I've never been on a social network in my life," Majerus said. "I don't even know what Twitter is. Nor do I have a desire to. I can't see this Twitter thing. 'I just went to the beach and the water was wet.' I mean, what is that? I'm just against that stuff. I'm really old school."
Congrats to the Bills, and good luck Sunday

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