October Card Show Autographs

I've become a regular at the monthly card shows, though I haven't been buying all that many cards. What I do buy is autograph tickets.

Ken Oberkfell                                                                       Tito Landrum
Curtis Joseph and Keith Tkachuk were both at the show too, and combined with these two members of the 1982 World Champions, they drew quite a crowd. I was pretty surprised how long Tito Landrum's line was. The gentleman after me had paid for 13 autographs, and woke up at 3am to drive in from Arkansas.

I spotted a Tito Landrum autograph at All Cardinals All the Time a while ago, and it turns out it came from the same show. He also mentioned the next person in line had 20 or so items for Tito to sign, too. Tito was really friendly and joked with the fans, which I always appreciate. Ken Oberkfell seemed a little less enthusiastic to be there, but not grumpy, just maybe a bit overwhelmed. I did learn from him that he had twins in September of 1982, right before winning the World Series, so that was quite a good year for him and his family.

The lineup isn't too compelling for the November show, so I may be taking a month off, but I've already got my advance tickets for December. I'm going to need to get some more baseballs by then.

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