eBay Wins #46

I bought some more penny cards, though this time in a lot of 7. I really just wanted the Felix Jose, but everyone else is a nice bonus.
1990 Fleer
#389 Tim Belcher

1990 Topps
#238 Felix Jose
#382 Jeff Musselman
#507 Gary Redus
#624 Darrin Jackson
MLB should bring back pullover jerseys.

1992 Leaf
#80 Doug Henry
#85 Alex Fernandez
It still feels weird to see old Brewers cards from when they were in the AL, even though nothing about the card itself screams "AL". I guess that's how Houston will feel in a few years too. Worst of all would be a Houston-Milwaukee World Series.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2025
Total Spent$38.66
Per Card1.909 cents

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