A Teenymates Contest Win

I appreciate a good viral marketing campaign, especially one that nets me some free stuff. As many of you probably know, Teenymates has given away several packs of mini quarterbacks in the last few weeks via bloggers with which they've partnered. And, I was the beneficiary of one of the contests at Sports Card Info. Since Ross has so many contests, I don't always read through the details very well - if I like what I see, I enter - so I was expecting 1 2-pack of QBs when I won, but I got 3 packs, as the contest stated. Let's have a look at which ones I won.

Looks like an imposing bunch

The obligatory dramatic side shot
Let's say I wanted to set them up and have a game, as though I'm a child. (Because I would never do that now, nooo). How do we split up the teams? Maybe AFC-NFC?

That's a little off-balance, how about Bills vs the World?

Closer, but still not balanced. How about white vs non-white helmets.

Balanced, but feels little racist. I'm kidding of course. But here's my favorite, AFC West vs the World.

Ah, much better. Now if we could solve the 6-footballs-on-the-field problem, we're ready to play.

Thanks to Ross at Sports Card Info again. I'm sure my green table will see lots of football action from now through the Superbowl.

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  1. Very nice! Have to say the kid inside me is jealous and would have had the same thoughts about playing a game