Big Pile, part 2

[Part 1]
Josh at Royals and Randoms had a draft-style contest called Big Pile way back in late 2011, and I misplaced the envelope until this week.

1991 Classic Game #21 Pedro Guerrero
Pedro was finishing his career in MLB when I first started paying attention to baseball in 1992, but I still remember him as being quite a power hitter.

1996 Collector's Choice #404 St. Louis Cardinals Checklist
This is what checklist cards should be, with a nice full color photo of a player on the front. Also, this is an Ozzie that would evade my searches of internet checklists, as it's listed as a Cardinals Checklist only.

2011 Heritage #304 Brett Myers
I think I might have been missing this one when I picked it, but I've since acquired another copy for my Heritage set, so this one goes in the duplicates.

2005 Turkey Red #238 David Dellucci

2005 Turkey Red #235 Scott Podsednik

2005 Turkey Red #234 Mike Lowell

2005 Turkey Red #159 J.D. Drew

2005 Turkey Red #82 Ramon Ortiz

2005 Turkey Red #31 Nick Johnson
I really like these Turkey Red cards, even though the first time I saw them was in the 2010 Update set as inserts. I'll probably put these sets on my wantlist eventually. I also had to pick the J.D. Drew card as a former Cardinal, so I figured I might as well grab the rest of the available cards from the set as well.

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