eBay Wins #172

My last eBay post was of a 1997, and this one is a 2002 card. I sorted out all the penny cards by year a long time ago, yet somehow there are 4 consecutive missing years. This is only my second 2002 Fleer Ultra card. The other is a Bud Smith I received as part of contest win early last year.

2002 Fleer Ultra #193 J.T. Snow
J.T. Snow never played for St. Louis, but he has a very tangential connection to the city. His dad, Jack Snow, was a broadcaster for the Los Angeles Rams, and actually came along to St. Louis with them in 1995. I don't know if that normally happens when teams move, or if there have been enough moves to really say what's "normal", but I think it worked out nicely for the Rams. Rather than having a local broadcaster take over, we had a radio broadcaster who really knew the team, because he had been watching most of the players for multiple seasons by that point.

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