Another Pack Stash Pack, from 2013 Triple Play

I believe this packs was a free bonus in a Dave and Adam's order, though I could be wrong. These are my first cards of 2013 Triple Play.

2013 Panini Triple Play
#8 Manny Machado
#16 Kevin Youkilis
#56 Derek Jeter
Tattoos #9 Derek Jeter
#90 Jayson Werth
#93 Buster Posey
Red Bordered Stickers #6 Aroldis Chapman
I got a bit of a Derek Jeter hot pack here, with his base card and the tattoo insert. These cards look a bit more cartoonish than 2012, based on my small sample. The pictures appear more like caricatures, as opposed the post-processed photo look the previous year. I've got a few more of these in the pack stash, and I'm kind of eager to get them open now, at least to see if I can pull a Cardinal or two.

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