eBay Wins #171

Today's eBay penny card isn't in fantastic shape. It appears to have some sort of bubble-effect over the foil. I'm not really sure what caused that, but I suspect moisture, or maybe another glossy card stacked on top of it for too long.

1997 Pinnacle #31 Chan Ho Park
Quick, guess what year Chan Ho Park finished playing.  If you're not a Pirates or Yankees fan, I bet you guessed way too early.

The answer is 2010. I would have probably said 2004, and I could have only listed the Dodgers and Rangers as his teams. I knew he started young, and had some great years, but I had no idea he lasted through 17 seasons.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3280
Total Spent$51.30
Per Card1.564 cents
Change0 cents

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