Tis The Season Winnings, Part IX

Sometimes, I procrastinate posting and sorting some cards. Normally I don't pay too much attention to how long a particular item has been sitting on my desk, but given that this one was the Tis the Season contest from 2013, I've probably had it in my possession for a little over a year now. But, even with the long delay, I still want to throw Jeff at 2 by 3 Heroes some referral traffic while I show off my prize.

More Cardinals, Red Sox, and Yankees!

2007 Bowman Heritage #250 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2007 Upper Deck First Edition #289 Juan Encarnacion
2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes #92 Jon Lester
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #14 Daisuke Matsuzaka
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #85 Chris Carpenter
2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces #66 Robinson Cano
The 2008 Masterpieces set is one I really like, and I even have a full set of 2007 thanks to a contest on Play at the Plate.

2008 Upper Deck
#588 Wilson Betemit
#592 Shelly Duncan
#773 Josh Beckett (x2)
#229 Manny Ramirez
I just realized this whole post would have been Upper Deck if not for the Bowman Heritage interloper up above. I got a few cards from the 2008 flagship product, and naturally we have an example of Manny being Manny, having the only horizontal card and forcing me to make and awkward scan. Shelly Duncan has 2 connections to the Cardinals: his brother is Chris Duncan, who played for the team and is now a local radio host, and his dad is Dave Duncan, Tony La Russa's longtime pitching coach, including his years in St. Louis.

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