eBay Wins #154

Let's finish off 1992 and have a fresh start in my next eBay post with 1993 cards, shall we? I've got a Score, a Topps, and a Topps Gold Winner

1992 Score #420 Kevin Morton
1992 Topps #183 Brent Mayne
1992 Topps Gold Winner #37 Luis Polonia
Kevin Morton only played in MLB in 1991, throwing in 16 games. Brent Mayne and Luis Polonia had considerably longer careers. But regardless of the player pictured, these 1992 cards are my favorites. They're the first cards I bought in packs, and the first factory set I bought, too. I can remember stopping at the IGA each Sunday morning, and convincing my parents most of those weeks to buy me a pack of Topps cards, while they had them in stock. Those trips alone probably got me about 20 packs per year through 1994 or so, when I started visiting a card shop for most of my cardboard buying. Since 1992 Topps were my first cards, the Gold cards were my first inserts. Thus, I still dream of one day having a full 792 card run of the Gold parallels. These Gold "Winner" cards will probably delay the effort a bit, or at least cause me to build the most subtle frankenset ever, comprised of cards with or without the Winner mark.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3253
Total Spent$51.03
Per Card1.569 cents
Change0 cents

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