eBay Wins #153

Today I've got some of the earliest "premium" cards, 1992 Stadium Club. As with most of my eBay penny lots, it's a decidedly non-premium selection of players.

1992 Stadium Club
#202 Rance Mulliniks
#283 Manuel Lee
#532 Dan Plesac
Manuel Lee, normally called Manny, played 1 game for the Cardinals in 1995 to end his career, starting at 2B on opening day, playing for 3 innings, and getting a hit, before being injured and lifted for Jose Oquendo in the top of the 4th. He never made it back to the majors after that.

The other two players here, Rance Mulliniks and Dan Plesac, played a combined 34 seasons. Manny was no slouch either, playing in parts of 11 seasons including that half-game with the Cardinals.

These 3 cards bring my eBay Bargain total to exactly $51, which sounds amazingly low considering I've made 153 posts out of it so far. Of course, at 3 cents each, I could have made 1700, so I suppose it's not as crazy as it could be.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3250
Total Spent$51.00
Per Card1.569 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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