2014 World Series Projection, October 29

San Francisco over Kansas City

World Series
SF 3-3 KC

League Championship Series
KC 4-0 BAL
SF 4-1 STL

Division Series
KC 3-0 LAA
SF 3-1 WAS

Wildcard Round
OAK 0-1 KC
SF 1-0 PIT


Tonight's game will decide the World Series winner.

San Francisco has a projected winning percentage of 51.71%, as they've had in each game. That doesn't take into account that day's starting pitcher, nor the location, so the margin of error on an individual game - especially with the favorite on the road - quite high, making this a statistical tie, I would venture.

I'll be rooting for Kansas City, but I'm hoping for something a little more dramatic than a 10-0 blowout. There are dangerous hitters on both teams, so no game is over until it's over, but anything more than a few runs deficit just makes the game feel over. I am looking forward to the all-hands-on-deck bullpen policy that usually comes in these games, since the manager doesn't need to worry about saving anyone for tomorrow; everyone's got plenty of rest after today. There's just something interesting about the oddity and rarity of a game where 23 or 24 of the 25-man roster makes it into the game.

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