eBay Wins #135

Today's eBay lot covers a set nearly as synonymous with junk as my last post. Like 1988, 1989 Donruss cards seem to show up everywhere. Among the piles of penny cards I bought, I had 16 of them.

1989 Donruss
#22 Gerald Perry
#47 Alex Sanchez
#182 Kirby Puckett
#401 Mickey Tettleton
#445 Paul Gibson
#527 Tom Prince
#536 Ken Hill
#544 Norm Charlton
I can distinctly remember having that Tom Prince card when I was a kid, because the picture seemed so odd. He's got on a black jersey, which isn't unusual these days, but you didn't see much at that time except for in batting practice. He also has a forward facing helmet with no flaps, something else that was rare at that time. In this case I assume that's his catching helmet, not a batting helmet, since he has a glove on. Also, he looks utterly confused. This first scan has both of the Cardinals from the bunch, Gerald Perry and Ken Hill.

1989 Donruss
#556 Bud Black
#595 Lloyd McClendon
#623 Keith Miller
#637 Mike Schooler
#638 Rick Leach
#651 Bob Milacki
#654 Paul Mirabella
#658 Kevin Blankenship
Part of the fun of these cards years later is seeing how many of the guys became managers, or did something notable after the card was initially issued. In this case I got 2 current managers, Bud Black and Lloyd McClendon, back when he was still listed as a catcher instead of OF/1B.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3098
Total Spent$49.51
Per Card1.598 cents
Change-0.003 cents

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