eBay Wins #133

Today I've got 2 1989 Upper Deck cards. I've already got the most expensive card in this set, the Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie card, so I should really try to complete the rest of it.

1989 Upper Deck
#162 Luis Polonia
#495 Andy Hawkins
I don't have any particular attachment to either of these players, so here's an error I noticed on the back of Mr. Polonia's card.

1989 Upper Deck #162 Luis Polonia
Notice that his Batting Average in 1987 is listed as /287 instead of .287. I guess somewhere along the way these stats were typed in free-form, rather than culled from spreadsheets with some sort of sanity checking. I couldn't find any reference to this error online, though I'm still sure I'm not the first to find it. I assume that means no corrected version exists.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3049
Total Spent$49.02
Per Card1.608 cents
Change0 cents

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