2013 Topps Update Jumbo Pack #6

The last pack had a recently acquired Cardinal in it, and this one did too.

2013 Topps Update
#US142 Yadier Molina
Chasing History #CH-107 Babe Ruth
1971 Topps Mini #TM-14 Troy Tulowitzki
The more I see of the Chasing History set, the more I like it, especially as it deals with the history of the game and statistical milestones. Some of its stats are a little esoteric, but this one is straightforward. Babe Ruth is the only player to hit 3 Home Runs in a World Series game twice. Albert Pujols, Pablo Sandoval, and Reggie Jackson have each done it once.

2013 Topps Update
#US93 Adam Wainwright
#US96 Mark DeRosa
#US239 Justin Masterson
Emerald Parallel #US115 Drew Stubbs
Gold Parallel #US94 Joba Chamberlain #0433/2013
Making Their Mark #MM-34 Nolan Arenado
Postseason Heroes #PH-20 David Wright
Making Their Mark Autograph Redemption #MMA-AH Aaron Hicks
This is the first card I've shown of new Cardinal Justin Masterson. He didn't have a stellar first game on Saturday, but the offense scored enough to earn a victory for him. Also in this bunch is the second hit of my box, an autograph redemption for Aaron Hicks. This will be the first redemption of this type for me since I mailed in a Topps Black Gold winner card in 1993 or maybe 1994. This is also the reason I started going through these boxes, because I knew there was a chance there would be a card that would eventually expire. However, I have another 2 years to send it in. Hopefully I'll take care of it before then.

This pack had 43 base cards, and all 43 were new, so I'm still reasonably well on track to finish the set, and maybe even find another fully redundant pack like pack 5.

Update Series Completion: 211/330 (63.9.%)

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