eBay Wins #90

A lot of the penny cards I pick up on eBay are late 80s to early 90s commons, so here's a refreshing sight:

2010 Bowman - 1992 Bowman Throwback
#BT1 Jimmy Rollins
#BT14 Troy Tulowitzki
#BT20 Michael Young
#BT50 Victor Martinez
#BT64 David Wright
#BT89 Tim Lincecum
#BT101 Ivan Rodriguez
#BT107 John Smoltz
2010 reprints of early 90s commons!

The last 2 cards are actual reprints from the 1992 Bowman set, with 1991 statistics on the back and everything. The photos are amazingly fuzzy compared to the other 6 cards with modern photos of modern players.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2486
Total Spent$43.71
Per Card1.758 cents

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