Two Contests for the Price of One

Actually since they're both free, trying to work that out might cause you to divide by zero. Computers hate that. Don't do it.

The first contest is right up my alley: making predictions. Visit Collector's Crack and predict the World Series Winner, Loser, Length, and Home Run total for a chance at 2 pretty great prizes. And of course, shamelessly plug it on your blog, kind of like this, for a bonus shot at the as-yet-undetermined door prize.

1994 Pinnacle The Naturals sealed box set

1990 Topps Coins, not sealed, but awesome

Next up is the now monthly contest from Fuji of the aptly named Chronicles of Fuji. Entering his contest is more of a long game, as the winner won't be revealed until November 1st or so, but the lucky commenters of one random post in October will receive bonus entries in the final randomization. If you like 90s insert cards, this one's for you.

4 Gwynns, 4 Thomases, 4 Madduxes, 2 Ripkens, and 1 Ichiro

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