182 Packs Giveaway, Part VII

When I claimed the Cardinals - and Mark McGwire and Todd Stottlemyre - in the pack-per-day giveaway held at TribeCards, I had no idea just how many cards I'd wind up with, and how many different players. So that I can tag all of the sets and Cardinal players, I've broken this up into a series of who knows how many posts. Thanks for all the cards, David.
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2006 Sports Illustrated for Kids
#8 Jim Edmonds
Some said Jim Edmonds was a showboat, some said he only had to dive for all those balls because he was bad at getting a jump off the bat, but one thing's for sure, he had the coolest hair on the team. I was glad to see him back in camp this year.

2005 Fleer Ultra
#10 Matt Morris
I like Fleer Ultra, and I like Matt Morris. I approve of this card. I think I tend to like the Matts on the Cardinals more than anyone, since that's also my given name. This year's been a good Matt year, with Holliday and Carpenter getting plenty of playing time, and Adams even showing us he deserves some too.

2008 Upper Deck
#654 Skip Schumaker
#702 Brian Barton
I don't quite understand the decision to move Skip to 2B, except that he was probably our least tenured OF at the time. I think he's still got a lot of potential, so I really hope the Dodgers - and reunifying with Mark McGwire as his hitting coach - will treat him well.

2008 Topps Updates and Highlights
#UH136 Classic Combos Hanley Ramirez and Albert Pujols
This is a great card, but sadly the only Albert Pujols I managed from the whole giveaway. Since both players and teams could be claimed, someone got in and claimed Albert before I got the Cardinals, so this must have been a duplicate.

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  1. Either that or I messed up the sorting. I hosed the collation a lot last year.